Mind of McCabe: uOttawa joining the RSEQ?

Bishop’s is probably one of the last programs you’d expect to send shockwaves throughout U Sports, but the ripple effect of their departure from the RSEQ has already begun, and they haven’t even played a down yet in the AUS.

This entire article must be prefaced with the fact that rumours are heavy right now, and it’s still very unclear what direction this story is heading, but we simply can’t ignore the report that came out this week from Le Journal’s, Richard Boutin, stating that the RSEQ is in talks with the University of Ottawa about defecting from the OUA to fill the spot left by the Gaiters.

There is a lot to unpack with this potential move, but on the surface it would be a shocking departure for my generation that has only known the OUA after it’s creation in 1997, and Ottawa has always been apart of that picture during our lifetimes.

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