Mind of McCabe: Let’s talk CFL ratio

I didn’t think I’d be sitting here talking about the CFL ratio rules when the CBA talks were first announced. Throughout my life there’s always been thinly veiled threats of the Canadian ratio being reduced, but this recent wave of news feels different. To be honest I was ready to call everybody conspiracy theorists once again, with the assumption there’d be no changes as always, and maybe even an adjustment pertaining to Canadian quarterbacks.

Then I read the headlines saying Ottawa REDBLACKS Head Coach, Rick Campbell, took to the airwaves to defend those who want to see the ratio reduced. I didn’t disagree with everything he said, but the fact he felt compelled enough to make an argument on the radio makes me believe there may be more than smoke at the heart of this debate. I still don’t think they’re going to make the change, but it’s worth taking a look at this argument from our grassroots perspective at CFC.

The consensus seems to be that the CFL and CFLPA would like to reduce the amount of required Canadian starters from seven to five, and the rumours are not sitting well with hardcore CFL fans – myself included. There’s so many different angles you could turn this into a mini-series, but for now I just can’t get over the number 36.










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