Montmorency defensive stand (VIDEO)

CEGEP teammates reunite to become newest recruits to join OUA’s 2014 class.

Four teammates have collectively decided to continue their gridiron journey together onto the CIS stage.

On Wednesday, York Lions signed defensive standouts Daves Dufresne, Kenny-Baku Mbula as well as twin brothers Omba Dimanche-Likuwa and Shako Dimanche-Likuwa for the 2014 OUA season. All four players come to the Lions after suiting up for CEGEP Division 1 team, Montmorency Nomades.

Daves Dufresne


Academics and football were the key reasons why the 5’6, 175 pound safety/halfback from Montreal, Quebec decided on the Toronto, Ontario campus.

“I committed to York University because I want to start studying in my program earlier as possible,” explained Dufresne of his decision.   “I want to see and live something new and also become more independent.”

“I also like the campus lifestyle and it’s going to be a new experience for me. I want to stay far away from distractions and be more focused on school and football. I like the fact that they are a young team that is going to be more mature and much better in the years to come. I know that it will be an experience that happens once in a lifetime.”

This past season with the Nomades, Dufresne registered 51 tackles (41 solo, 20 assisted, four for a loss), caught two interceptions, had two fumble recoveries and also scored a defensive touchdown in 13 games.

Previous to the Nomades, Dufresne suited up for the Sun Youth Hornets.

Kenny Baku Mbula 2


The 5’10, 180 pound defensive back from Longueuil, Quebec credits Lions Special Teams Coordinator/Linebackers Coach Ray Gagnon for steering him towards to the OUA school.

“I committed to York University, because it was a great opportunity for my football career,” said Mbula.  “The first time I met Coach Ray Gagnon, I knew that the program was appropriate for me.”

“They have a lot of coaches who are from Montreal and they want to make a turn around by bringing more CGEP player. I want be part of it and make a difference for the next season.”

Previous to CEGEP, Mbuala suited up for his high school team, RSEQ Juvenile Division 1’s Jacques-Rousseau Sphinx.

The Quebec defensive standout would not have been able to reach this point of his career without the guidance and support of several coaches that have instructed him throughout the years.

“I also want to thank the Jacques-Rousseau football team, where I started to play football and especially Coach Éric Guindon and Coach David F. Edmunds,” expressed Mbula.  “If it wasn’t about them I don’t think I would have played football today and that’s why I will always be thankful to them.”

“I also want to thanks the Nomades football program specially Michel Blanchette for all the work he has done for the team. Thanks to Coach Paul-Eddy St-Vilien maybe the best Head Coach that the program has ever had.”

Omba Dimanche


The 5’11, 240 pound middle linebacker from Montreal, Quebec was sold on the Lions recruitment philosophy after a recent visit by Gagnon to Montmorency’s campus.

“I committed to York because I feel it’s the place for me to be,” commented Dimanche-Likuwa.  “When Coach Ray Gagnon came to my CEGEP school, he gave us an opportunity to have a campus life, to play football for a team that wants to progress and win.”

“I am also glad to go to Toronto with my twin brother Shako Dimanche, Kenny-Baku Mbula and Daves Dufresne. Things are going to change at York and I want to be a part of that success.”

In addition to the Nomades, Dimanche-Likuwa has previously played for St. Leonard Cougars.

There are a couple of key individuals that the linebacker credits for getting him to this juncture in his career.

“I will like to thank my Coach Paul Eddy Saint-Vilien, the St-Leonard Cougars, the Nomades as well as all my coaches and the people that believed in me,” added Dimanche-Likuwa.

Shako Dimanche


The 5’11, 220 pound outside linebacker from Montreal, Quebec is following his twin brother to Toronto to suit up for the Lions.  While it was a difficult decision, knowing that his three fellow Nomades teammates were making the move made things a lot easier for him.

Furthermore, Dimanche-Likuwa felt a sense of comfort with the York campus and football program on his recent official visit.

“I chose York because it’s a really good school and I wanted to study in English,” explained DImanche-Likuwa of his choice.  “When I went to York I felt in love with the campus.”

“The football program was great and the coaches were amazing.  I think they will help me improve as a good defensive player. After CEGEP Montmorency, I wanted to find a place where I would feel like home and at York, the team made me feel like home. The decision was a hard one to take but it was easy at the same time because I could once again be reunited with my brother, Kenny Mbula and Daves Dufresne.”

Not only has he previously played for the Nomades, but also for the St. Leonard Cougars.

With the accomplishment of reaching this current gridiron goal, it is not lost on him the people who have helped him along the way.

“I would like to thank all my coaches from St-Léonard Cougars and a special thanks to Paul-Eddy St-Vilien,” added Dimanche-Likuwa.



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