ONT (OFSAA): Second half comeback catapults Mustangs to Bowl win

On a dark and cold day, the Crestwood Mustangs overcame a third quarter 10 point deficit to win their third Central Ontario Secondary School Association (COSSA) Bowl title.

The Mustangs defeated CFC # 35 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Lancers at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, 17-13.

The Mustangs got off to a good start in the first quarter of the game, stopping the Lancers on their first two possessions and kicking a field goal. The second quarter saw the Lancers get the first touchdown of the day when Jackson Bennett ran for 57 yards only one minute into the quarter. A few minutes later, it was Bennett once again who ran 44 yards for a touchdown to put the Lancers up 13-3.

At halftime,  it looked like the Lancers would be unstoppable.

However, in the third quarter the Mustangs started to find their groove.  Pivot Dylan Astrom connected with Josh Penello for a touchdown reception. In the fourth quarter, it was Astrom connecting with Penello again for a 43 yard touchdown pass to put the Mustangs up 17-13.

crestwoodPhoto by Hannah McGregor

The Mustangs were able to hang on for the win over the CFC #35 ranked Lancers.

Overall, the Lancers’ passing game ultimately led to their demise. Quarterback Stephan Kukkonen only threw for 21 yards and and the team relied heavily on their running game. Mustangs  quarterback Dylan Astrom on the other hand threw for 182 yards and was able to thrive despite the cold and rain.

Sir Wilfrid LaurierPhoto by Hannah McGregor

This was the third win OFSAA win for the Crestwood Mustangs in eight appearances. Their last win came in 2010 in the National Capital Bowl when the team scored a victory in overtime.  Previous to 2010, their other Bowl win came in 2004.

Tuesday was the first day of the OFSAA Bowl Series and it will continue until Friday at Etobicoke Centennial park. Be sure to check CFC daily for more scores, postgame articles and game previews. (CLICK HERE)

2013 OFSAA Football Festival Game 2 Summary

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Sir Wilfrid Laurier Lancers (Ottawa – NCSSAA)                 13

Crestwood SS Mustangs (Peterborough – COSSA)              17

Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                                                                       Convert                         Running


1st        C         4:16     Josh Penello, 25 yard field goal                      n/a                               C 3-0

2nd        SWL    1:02     Jackson Bennett, 57 yard run                         blocked                       SWL 6-3

3rd        SWL    8:40     Jackson Bennett, 44 yard run                         Kousha Aminian Heidari  SWL 13-3

3rd        C         11:59   Josh Penello from Dylan Astrom, 17 yds.      Josh Penello                SWL 13-10

4th        C         4:22     Josh Penello from Dylan Astrom, 43 yds.      Josh Penello                C 17-13




                                                Sir Wilfrid Laurier                           Crestwood


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  23-170                                                 20-110

Passing Yards                         21                                                        182

– Team Losses                         -11                                                       -13

Net Offence                            180                                                      279

First Downs                            7                                                          14

Return Yards                          152                                                      41

Fumbles-Lost                          0-0                                                       1-0

Turnover on Downs                3                                                          1

Interceptions by                      0                                                          0

Penalties-Yards                       2-15                                                     3-15




LANCERS                                        MUSTANGS


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Jackson Bennett 13-134, 2 tds            Brandon Wilson 7-45

Brandon Smith 3-17                           Dylan Astrom 6-34

Receiving (caught-yds)            Brandon Smith 2-20                           Josh Penello 4-83, 2 tds

Kurleigh Gittens 1-5                           Brett Coons 5-61

Passing                                    Stephan Kukkonen 4-15-0-0               Dylan Astrom 11-18-2-0



Tackles                                    Jake Bonnell 6                                     Zane Safdar 8

Malachi Coombs 5                              Brandon Wilson 5


Third O.F.S.A.A. football win for Crestwood in 8 appearances.  The Mustangs previously won the National Capital Bowl in 2004 and 2010.

Game Summary courtesy of John Metcalfe

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