Ontario Prospect Challenge: Rising Star QB Nathan Rourke



WHERE: Guelph – University of Guelph Alumni Stadium – $10 general admission, all-day pass

WHEN:  Sunday May 4 – Kickoff times are 10am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm

BROADCAST: Live on Canadafootballchat.com May 4 & on ROGERS TV May 17


34 TD passes, 5 INT in 10 games….one can’t be blamed for thinking these are video game stats, but in reality those were the numbers posted by OPC Team West JV and Oakville native Nathan Rourke. While playing for the top ranked Burlington Stampeders Rourke managed to put up unworldly numbers while leading the Stamps to an OFC championship and an overall #1 CFC ranking in the province. Just in case you might be wondering if those numbers were a fluke, Rourke followed up his summer rampage by firing 17 TD’s vs. 2 (that’s right TWO) interceptions in only 8 high school games for the Holy Trinity Titans in Oakville. For many players, the OPC will serve as a chance to “get on the radar” and start making a name for themselves, for Nathan he is is already a known entity and will be hoping to add to the already growing highlights. Remember the name Nathan Rourke, destined to be a household name in football circles for years to come.

At the young age of fifteen the 6’1″ 180 pounder has already been playing football for seven years, the last six as a quarterback and the idea of trying out for this year’s OPC was tabled by his Stamps coach Tony Mandalfino.

CFC: What were your thoughts when Coach Mandalfino suggested going out for the ONTARIO PROSPECT CHALLENGE?

NATHAN ROURKE: I really embraced the idea, I was very fortunate that I had played with a few of the players that were trying out and had competed against many others, so I had an idea of what to expect both chemistry and competition wise.   I also knew some of the coaches involved and knew the level of coaching I would receive, so it was an easy decision.

CFC: What are your goals competing in an event like this?

NATHAN ROURKE: The whole point for me in an event like this is to improve as as a player, you can’t go into something like this just for fun, not at this level that’s for sure. I want to take advantage of the opportunity,coaching and competition and learn as much as I can.

CFC: What are your gridiron goals?

NATHAN ROURKE: Right now my primary goal and what I am focusing on is attaining a Division 1 NCAA scholarship, after that of course I would love to get play professionally anywhere….getting paid to do something I would do for free.

CFC: How do you respond to the naysayers that tell you that Canadian QBs don’t get a shot in the NCAA, does it discourage you at all?

NATHAN ROURKE: Not at all, if anything it serves as the ultimate motivator, it pushes me to want to get even better. At the end of the day I know the odds may be somewhat against me, but it’s been done and I am constantly thinking about what the kids south of the border are doing and that in itself pushes me knowing that I HAVE to keep improving, every week, every day, every rep.

CFC: How do you feel about the lack of Canadian QBs in the CFL?

NATHAN ROURKE: I don’t like it, and also motivates me. I feel like maybe we should be pushing this more at the grass roots level through to university, because there are some good Canadian QBs and some good QB coaches out there as well.

CFC: Speaking of coaches, you mentioned coach Larry Jusdanis when we spoke earlier, can you elaborate a little on your experiences with him?

NATHAN ROURKE: I’ve been working with coach Larry for three years now and he has been instrumental in my growth, as someone who has “been there, done that” I take to heart everything he says and find myself trying to focus on some of his key points whenever I can. His experience as a QB allows him to understand exactly what I am going through. Coach Larry competed at a high level and combined with his ability to transfer his knowledge, I’ve been very lucky.




HT: 6’1″ WT: 180lbs AGE: 15 GRADE: 10

Siblings: Younger brother (QB with the Bantam Stampeders)

Favorite Football Teams/ Who I would want to play for:  CIS: Western Mustangs (now that Will Finch is there) NCAA: Big SEC fan CFL: BC Lions(born in BC) NFL: Green Bay Packers

Favorite QB: Peyton Manning

Favorite Food: Any Pasta

What’s playing in my headphones: Rap/ Hip Hop….particularly Classified and Eminem


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