OPC: “They have been afforded a great opportunity to showcase their talents on a big scale”

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com Ontario Prospect Challenge on the May 1st weekend.  In the days leading up to OPC, CFC will preview the teams, coaches and players participating in the big event.

Chivase Bryan enjoyed the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) experience last year that he decided to come back for more.

He is in a select class of coaches that have returned for their second consecutive stint with OPC. This time around, Bryan is the Head Coach of Team Central’s Underclassmen squad.

However, Bryan comes bolstered with a wealth of coaching experience in the Toronto area.

For the past seven years, he has been with the Etobicoke Eagles of the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL).  The last three seasons, Bryan has served as the Head Coach of the Varsity Eagles squad.

Additionally, the Team Central Head Coach has instructed in the Toronto high school football scene for the past eight years.

Bryan’s introduction to coaching came from another fellow colleague.

“I credit one of my mentors Russ Hoff on getting me into coaching back in 2006 with Humberside Collegiate,” recalled the Team Central Head Coach.

Etobicoke Week 5 OVFL

During his career, Bryan has been influenced by other coaches who he considers colleagues.

“I look up to a lot of coaches that I have learned a lot from throughout my years,” said Bryan.  “Some notable names Russ Hoff, John Eagle, Nord Williams and various other coaches I have worked with throughout the years.”

One thing that has always remained constant is Bryan’s passion for coaching.

“I enjoy coaching because I am able to interact with players from all walks of life and I am able to show them techniques and strategies that I have learned throughout my years of football,” expressed the Team Central Head Coach. “The friendships and bonds I have made with players I have coached and coaches I have coached with will last a lifetime.”

“Also as a coach, it’s a great pleasure and sense of accomplishment when we have a hand in developing a player and seeing them excel in their football career.”

OPC Team Central

In the midst of making final preparations before guiding Team Central into their contest against Team East at TD Place in Ottawa on Saturday, Bryan says OPC is a unique situation due to a few reasons.

“Preparing for OPC is a lot different from other coaching situations due to the fact that there are no special teams,” explained the Team Central Head Coach.  “The coaching staff is not familiar with the players’ skill sets and having to install a full offense and defense is not easy at any level for any coach.”

Like many of the other coaches participating in OPC, Bryan is tackling the task at hand simplistically.

“My approach for prepping for this game will be a very simple one, minimal scheme and strategy as we are just going to let our players be players and go play ball,” elaborated Bryan.

Overall, the entire OPC process has been a great opportunity for Bryan to meet many different individuals.

“The highlight from the tryout phase was to meet and interact with different coaches and players from programs all throughout Central Ontario,” added the Team Central Head Coach.

OPC Team Central 3

Moreover, Bryan has been striving to achieve a couple of key objectives during his OPC stint.

“My goals and expectations from OPC as a coach is the ability to network and learn different philosophies from the different coaches and build a working relationship with these coaches moving forward,” offered Bryan.

With the added pressure of playing at a large stadium such as TD Place with a packed crowd of spectators including recruiters, Bryan has some advice for the players.

“The one piece of advice I will give to the players participating in the OPC game is just to have fun,” commented the Team Central Head Coach.  “They have been afforded a great opportunity to showcase their talents on a big scale.”

“They cannot be afraid to make mistakes as this game is all about them.”

Ultimately, Bryan cannot wait for game day to arrive.

“I am most looking forward to helping these players achieve a victory and have a great experience while doing so,” expressed Bryan.  “I’m also looking forward to networking with the coaches from Team East Ontario as well as being afforded the opportunity to coach in a CFL stadium.”

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