Path to the draft: Spooner, future star of the trench wars

The ongoing discourse in football has been that defense wins championships. Every so often the Superbowl showcases a stellar defensive outing which then, ultimately, makes the notion that defense win championships go unchallenged by those immersed in the football community.

Although a team’s defense is a crucial component to a team’s overall success, much can be said about the importance of the offensive line to a team’s offensive success. The trench wars dictate the outcome of every play. The linemen set the tone for the game with their physicality and at times the team’s identity as a whole comes to embody the play of the linemen. They do not garner much media coverage or recognition by the masses, but their contribution is crucial.

This year’s draft class contains several potential future stars of the trenches including Qadr (Ka-Dar)  Spooner. Spooner’s performance on the gridiron has placed him high on scout’s radar since his freshman year and he will look to become the fourth McGill player drafted to the NFL.

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