Playing for Team QC fulfills REC Cavanagh’s dream

Going to school five days a week can be a bit exhausting, but for Alexandre Cavanagh there is something that keeps his spirits high.

“(Football is) everything. I couldn’t go to school without it,” Cavanagh said. Currently playing as a receiver for his high school team, Les Loups de l’École Curé-Antoine-Labelle (RSEQ), he is entering his fifth and final year of high school (equivalent to grade eleven).

Cavanagh is not the first of his family to fall in love with the sport. He has several mentors already accustom to the sport that can help guide him. His older brother, Louis Cavanagh, and his cousin, Fred Robitaille, also play the game. Cavanagh said he draws inspiration from them because they are both performing well.

Courtesy of Alexandre Cavanagh.

When Cavanagh took a moment to think about why he loves his position, he couldn’t pinpoint one thing in particular. “Pretty much everything,” Cavanagh said, adding that he doesn’t know what gives him a competitive edge. “I’m just a good player.” Last season, he had 24 completions, covered 263 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Cavanagh is a current member of Team Québec, which he said is one of his most memorable experiences. The team captured their third consecutive gold medal at the 2017 edition of the Football Canada Cup in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It was a last second touchdown that propelled Team Québec over Team Saskatchewan with a final score of 10-7.

“I never thought I would be able to reach this level,” he said. “Being apart of Team QC is one of my dreams.”

When thinking about his future, Cavanagah kept his sights on easy-to-follow horizon. Forever drawn to the gridiron, he said that his goal is to play as long as he can. Before considering a university team, he is searching for a cégep team to call his own. He said that under the new RSEQ rules, coaches cannot talk to players until the end of the season. “But, some of the cégeps (have) shown interest in me,” he added.

Football is constantly about evolving and learning as a player. Cavanagh keeps that message in mind when he thinks about how he will adjust to the next level. He said that he will use all that his superiors teach him and to practice. On occasion, he also plays as a quarterback.

Alexandre Cavanagh (#81)
6’1, 175lbs

Teams: Patriotes de Vimont-Auteuil, Scorpions de l’École secondaire Armand-Corbeil, Loups de l’École Curé-Antoine-Labelle
Commitment: none
Official visits: N/A
Unofficial visits: N/A
Consideration: open
Class: 2018

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