QB Canada Mississauga: Jonathan Biggs Interview (VIDEO)

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Jonathan Biggs is not just an offensive leader, but he is also a threat on the field.

“I feel there are multiple ways I can affect a defense,” explained the native of Brampton, Ontario.  “First, I am a threat by using my intelligential abilities to study the game and identify defensive looks and tendencies.”

“Secondly, as a dual-threat quarterback not only can I make an impact on the field with my arm but also with my legs. Lastly, I am a believer in God and because of my faith I am able to remain positive in tough situations and stay strong for my teammate no matter the play or the down.”

Throughout his career, the 5’11, 183 pound pivot has demonstrated his passion for the game with the teams he’s been a member of including Brampton Bulldogs of the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) and David Suzuki Grizzlies of the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association (ROPSSAA).

Currently, Biggs is in Florida suiting up for preparatory team, Montverde Eagles.

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While he has tried out several different positions with all these teams, there is something unique, yet special about being a quarterback.

“Quarterback has always been the one I love the most,” added Biggs.  “Playing quarterback not only allows me to put my leaderships to action, but it also helps me learn about myself as a man.”

“When you’re put in tough 3 and 10 plus situations, it’s a true test of your physical and mental ability to produce. I love my position because there is none like it; you’re not just a signal caller but you’re the link that completes the chain. It’s been widely accepted that a team with a smart and allusive quarterback is a very hard team to beat.”

In his quest to excel even further as a quarterback, there is one NFL star Biggs emulates his playing style towards.

“Since 12 years old, I have always loved to watch Ben Roethlisberger,” said the Brampton pivot.  “His ability to throw deep down field, avoid sacks and stay confident in the pocket are all things that I try and mimic in my style of play.”

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Later this month, Biggs will have another opportunity to grow and develop as a pivot.  He will be participating in the QB Canada Mississauga Clinic and has high expectations going into the event.

“At QB Canada, I am looking forward to working out with other fellow quarterbacks,” added Biggs. “I am eager to learn and get better. Also I believe this is a platform to get greater exposure.”

Ultimately, Biggs hopes to achieve one major goal when it comes to playing at the pivot position.

“The one thing I aspire to achieve the most as a quarterback it would be to inspire other athletes to achieve their goals,” expressed Biggs.  “Understanding that is a long and sometimes lonely road.”

“Being able to motivate others is very important to me.”

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