QB Canada Mississauga: Zacharie Quiviger Interview (VIDEO)

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When he was 11 years old, Zacharie Quiviger’s gridiron journey began with Montreal’s College Jean Eudes Eagles.

Since then, the 6’0, 190 pound standout has risen to the challenge of playing at the quarterback position and has enjoyed the expectations as well as the responsibilities that have come with the role.

“I play quarterback because it is a demanding position,” explained Quiviger.  “Quarterbacks have to spend a tremendous amount of time studying film, working on throwing mechanics, attending meetings and training.”

“I consider myself a student of the game and I am therefore delighted to invest my time in game preparation. Also, on game day, quarterbacks have many responsibilities. I enjoy reading defenses, calling audibles and switching formations. I’m proud to play at a position that allows me to take command of the offense on every play. Although I love being a quarterback, I truly admire the level of effort and the physicality required at other positions.”

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Now as the leader of the offensive attack for the Upper Canada College Blues of the Conference Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA), Quvigier has evolved as a poised pivot.

“I feel like it is my job as a quarterback to build confidence in my teammates,” elaborated the Quebec standout.  “Therefore, I always keep my calm under pressure and play my best when it matters the most, when the game is on the line.”

“I will take what the defense gives me and will avoid turnovers at all costs. I always believe my team has a chance to win and will work hard to come out of a game victorious.”

For his part, Quiviger revels in the opportunity to assume a leadership role and learning the intricacies of learning how to excel as a pressure performer when it counts the most.

“I like to be a leader and communicate with my teammates,” added the pivot.  “I also enjoy the vast range of emotions I go through during a game.”

“Throwing a touchdown pass fills me with excitement while throwing an interception brings me anger and shame. Stressful situations can also be difficult for most athletes but I really appreciate having a key role in those circumstances. Finally, I really like the close contact quarterbacks have with their coaches. I feel like my position gives me a real insight in the offensive strategies.”

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Growing up, Quiviger has tried to emulate his playing style to some of the greatest passers in the game including Anthony Calvillo, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

“I’ve grown up watching numerous quarterbacks,” described the Quebec quarterback.  “Calvillo, despite having limited athletic abilities, was always able to post amazing numbers and lead his team to victory.”

“As an Alouettes fan, I appreciated seeing him win multiple Grey Cups. Brees, despite his short stature, is considered as an all-time great. Brady has the clutch factor that every quarterback envies. Manning seems to understand the game, the X’s and O’s, better than anyone else in the NFL.”

Later this month, Quivigier will be participating in the QB Canada Clinic in Mississauga (March 28th). He is looking forward to the chance to take part as it will provide him an outlet to develop and refine his skills even further.

“I can’t wait to get new coaches’ feedback, as it will help me improve my game,” offered Quiviger, who will be competing at Ontario Prospect Challenge this May as part of Team Central’s squad. “During a season, coaches have a tendency to focus on my strengths in order to win games.”

“In a camp setting, I am always looking forward to work on my weaknesses. I will also enjoy meeting other quarterbacks and compete with them.”

Ultimately, the pivot has his sights set on realizing one gridiron goal and is determined to reach that feat.

“’I’ve always dreamt of playing at the university level,” said Quiviger.  “My father used to coach at McGill and I was a water boy with the team.”

“I was looking up at the players and wanted to be like them one day. As I am closing in on my goal, I am more than ever motivated to work as hard as I can to achieve it.”


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