QB McDonald loves the pressure of crunch time

Logan McDonald has been playing Quarterback for the Robert Bateman Timberwolves for the past two years and has already started to develop into a much more confident player. The 5’11, 155-pound quarterback came in second in British Columbia in passing yards with 962, to go along with 17 all-purpose touchdowns to only 2 interceptions.

He has also been awarded team MVP (grade 9), team MVP (grade 10), Rookie of the Year (grade 9), Top Offensive Player (grade 10), BCHSFA 8th in the province for passing yards in grade 9.

Along with his skills on the field, Logan also has a 95% average after his grade ten year and looks to continue learning the schoolbooks as well as he knows the playbook.”Most players do not have the dedication like I do in school and that will help me in the recruitment process.” McDonald has stated.

Logan played baseball throughout his youth and feels that the skills and throwing mechanics he learned there helped him flourish into a quarterback who can pass far and run fast.

“I think the best part of being a quarterback, for me, is being able to lead my team. My whole life I’ve found myself stepping into a leadership role. I think being at a position that has to be clutch in pressure games is where I excel. I like taking control and being a field general for my team.” Logan described the rush of being Quarterback.

Logan credits his father for a lot of the mental capabilities of his game and calls him his biggest football influence in his life.

“He also played quarterback throughout high-school and university, so he knows a lot about the game. He is supportive of what I do and lots of my knowledge of the game should be credited to him. He helps coach my school team, but also coaches me individually on my position.” McDonald, has said, speaking about his father.

When asked about future plans, the Timberwolves QB said,” My future football plans are to finish my last two years having success with my team and have individual success as well. After high school, as of now, realistically I plan to play at a Canadian university, hopefully with a scholarship. I can play football while taking classes and getting a degree. After that I am unsure of how far I will take football, but playing at university is a goal of mine.”

If Logan McDonald can continue to work on his craft on and off the field he should be able to live out his dreams.

“I love the energy and atmosphere there is on a football field. The competition and the team energy is different from any other sport. Football felt natural for me and I love everything about it.”


Logan McDonald
5’11, 155lbs

Teams: Robert Bateman Timberwolves
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations:Β open
Class: 2019

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