RB Warde has the right mindset

Drey Warde’s most memorable football experience was last season in a game against Oak Park. Drey and the rest of the Lancers felt strong as a team, but were still a little unsteady due to the fact their team had struggled in the ‘AAA’ Potter division for a few years. It was a rainy day for the game and the Lancer team bus was over an hour late. Drey’s team was getting a little anxious because they were cold and they had to face Oak Park at their homecoming. He recalled, “I had a lot on my mind when the bus finally picked us up and we were on our way, and it was my first regular season game (missed week one with an injury). But when we got off that bus as a team, into the rain, and ran our team lap; the energy was electrifying. The crowd was so loud and we were all so glad to finally be out there and show the league we meant business. I felt a football pump up that I hadn’t felt in such a long time, and it just reminded me of all the reasons I love playing the game and what the game has done for me.”

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