RB/DB Estabrooks uses olympic lifting to develop “discipline and mental toughness”

Cole Estabrooks started playing football in grade ten at Moncton High School. The ‘Purple Knight’ was green as a  rookie, but by the completion of his senior season had emerged as a battle tested leader.

The 6 foot, 192 pound athlete contributed on the field as a running back and a defensive back. Aside from carrying the ball, and stopping ball carriers Estabrooks was also a key figure on special teams.

A key contributor to the Knight’s offense, Estabrooks carried the ball 79 times, gaining 714 yards; an average of 9 yards per carry.  Defensively he was in on 8 tackles, 3 of which were solo. Estabrooks; however,  isn’t about his stats,  his focus was on helping his team as best as he could.

“My favorite aspect of RB is how team based it is. I have to depend on my line to open a hole for me, and they have to depend on me to run to the right place. The part of DB I liked, is the feeling of being one on one with your opponent, and being able to shut them down.”

His athleticism aside, coaches also saw leadership traits in Estabrooks, and upon his earning the starting RB position in grade 11 made him a team captain.

“Being appointed captain was a big motivation for me, I knew I had to set an example and become a leader.”

A devout lifter, Estabrooks also strived to lead by example in the weight room, where he focuses on traditional olympic lifts.  Estabrooks encourages others to lift, not only for the physical gains,  but for the mental edge it brings, as well as for injury prevention.

“There’s a carry over from the form of the lifts to the field, for sure there is. Doing cleans develops hip strength which helps in blocking. Lifting also gives you discipline and mental toughness. Being determined to get a heavy weight up transfers to the field with always trying to do your best.”

Aside from putting quality reps in at the gym, Estabrooks is a committed student of the game. He uses film study as an opportunity to learn about his opponents, as well as to assess his own performance.

Estabrooks’ commitment to his team, and to his own development gained him attention from Mount Allison and Acadia Universities. After visiting both campuses he chose to attend Acadia for their Kinesiology program, as he is interested in pursuing a career as a chiropractor.

Estabrooks is approaching the Axemen program with an open mind in regards to where he could play, “wherever coaches put me I will try my best to do it, I’ll be a punter if they want, I probably won’t succeed”, he laughed, “but I’ll try.”

Estabrooks is  preparing for the next level by training in the gym, and plans to learn their playbook as soon as he can.  Aside from his own progression and preparation, Estabrooks remains a leader by coaching younger ‘Knights’ proper form and technique in the weight room.

Cole Estabrooks
6’0, 190lbs

Teams: Moncton High School
Official Visits: Mount Allison, Acadia University
Considerations: Mount Allison, Acadia University
Commitment: Acadia
Class: 2017


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