REC duo excited to help rising Toronto Varsity Blues

Toronto brings in two GTA commits to their Class of 2017.

Receivers Maksim Duric and Will Corby from Nelson High School have been sharing the field with one another for the past two years, but now they have a chance to tack on a few more years to their friendship on the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.

Maksim Duric

Courtesy of Maksim Duric.

It only took Maksim Duric two years to get the hang of football. His determination has earned him a spot on a budding football team. “I believe the Varsity Blues are on the rise as a football team and I want to be apart of that when it happens,” he said.

Hailing from Burlington, Ontario, Duric described the coaching staff as outstanding. “Coach Mark has an amazing background coming from a championship team with Laurier. Coach Gary has the intensity and wants to build this program into a powerhouse,” he said.

The 6’5, 225lbs tight end and slot back won’t be merely at the University of Toronto for sports. The future arts and humanities student said, “The academics are like no other. They are on a world-class level and there is always going to be more than just football.”

In his past season with the Nelson Lords (Halton Secondary School Athletic Association), he won a Halton, GHAC and OFSAA championship.

Will Corby

Courtesy of Will Corby.

Duric won’t be heading to the big city all alone. Nelson Lord teammate, Will Corby, will be accompanying him. His reasons for choosing Toronto fall in a similar vein.

“I believe they are on the rise and will be a team to beat within the next few years and I want to be apart of the process, not just the end goal,” Corby said. “I also love the idea of living downtown.”

Also from Burlington, the 6’3, 180lbs wide receiver was quickly brought into the Varsity Blues’ fold. “The coaching staff are very welcoming people. From the moment I met them, I knew that they will help be become an amazing athlete, but as well as a man,” Corby said.

The five-year veteran will also be studying general arts. “Another huge reason was that Toronto is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, school academically in Canada,” he added.

Along with capturing the same championships as Duric, he was also a MVP team this past year.

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