RECAP: CFC 100 Joseph, Lamour & Hamel catapult teams to victory, Normandin shines in loss

The Champlain Lennoxville Cougars haven’t lost a step.

After Week 1 action, the defending CEGEP Division 1 Bol D’Or Champions picked up from where they left off.  The Cougars cruised to a 52-26 win over the Levis Lauzon Faucons.

At Coulter Field, CFC 100 Joseph scored two touchdowns and rushed for 131 yards on nine carries (average of 14.6 yards per carry). Bechir Jafaoui (92 yards on two receptions), Yanic Lessard (81 yards on three receptions) and Frederic Lamoureux (11 yard touchdown reception), and Maxime Bouffard each tallied a major for the Cougars.

Pivot Michael Arruda completed 12 passes in 26 attempts for 259 yards and three passing touchdowns in the win. Dominic Levesque added seven PAT’s.

Adam Auclair registered 7.5 tackles while Kevin McGee recorded a sack and added 6.5 tackles to lead the Cougars defense.

As for the Faucons, Nicolas Boissonneault tallied two majors while Olivier Fillion added a touchdown. Olivier Lavoie registered five tackles.

Here is the rest of Week 1 CEGEP Division 1 action:


At FX Garneau, the visiting Notre Dame de Foy (CNDF) escaped with a 7-4 victory over the hosts Elans.

David Cote added two field goals for CDNF.  Cedric Forbes-Mombleau registered six tackles while Cedric Vaillancourt caught an interception and added 5.5 tackles.  Marc-Olivier Simard also caught an interception and Jean-Philippe Hudon recorded a sack in the win.

Eric Fraser racked up eight tackles while Ludovick Petit recorded a sack and amassed eight tackles for the Elans.  Additionally, CFC 100 Marc-Antoine Ouellet recorded a sack.


At Montmorency, Gabriel Parent scored two touchdowns and rushed for 169 yards on 11 carries (average of 15.4 yards per carry) as the Nomades crushed the Edouard-Montpetit Lynx 50-3.

David Blain also tallied two majors and racked up 68 yards on four receptions.  Bruno Labelle also scored for the Nomades.

Eric Parr completed eight passes in 14 attempts for 133 yards and three passing touchdowns in the win. David Rempre was successful on seven conversion attempts.

On defense, Samuel Rossi caught two interceptions and recorded two sacks. Xavier Prevost registered five tackles while Gregory Joseph and Jean-Sebastien Rochon each added four tackles.

As for the Lynx, Albert Tshitenge caught an interception while Rossini Sandjong Djabome recorded a sack in the loss.  Louis-Jean Guimond added 6.5 tackles and Julien Deschenes had six tackles.

Dev Lamour 1


At Concordia, CFC 100 Dev Lamour scored two touchdowns and had 64 yards on four receptions (average of 16 yards per reception) as the Vanier Cheetahs defeated the Vieux-Montreal Spartiates 36-20.

Khalil Kerr tallied a major and rushed for 104 yards on seven carries (average of 14.9 yards per carry) for the Cheetahs. Rashad Spooner caught an interception and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown score.

Pivot Cullen Tennant completed nine passes in 18 attempts for 84 yards and a passing touchdown.  Brandon Fombuena added two field goals and added three PAT’s in the win.

Kean Harelimana was a beast on the Cheetahs defense as he amassed 12.5 tackles.  CFC 100 Francois Hamel caught two interceptions.  Jordan Perrin Boutet chipped in with 9.5 tackles while Jersey Henry added eight tackles.

Louis Mathieu Normandin 1

CFC #6 Louis Mathieu Normandin tallied a major and racked up 121 yards on 10 receptions for the Spartiates.

Frederic Paquette-Perrault completed 23 passes in 44 attempts for 201 yards, a rushing and a passing touchdown in the loss.  Luis Amaruso was successful on two conversion attempts.

On defense, Edouard Montemiglio recorded three sacks while Andrew Seinet-Spaulding registered six tackles.

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