RECAP: Titans earn shutout win

The Titans had this day marked in their heads ever since the heartbreaking LOSSA championship game last season, and it showed.

Despite the wet and rainy conditions the Titans managed to have their first turnover free game of the season, in turn the defence pitched it’s first shutout of the season in a 13-0 win. The game was a total defensive struggle, and given the conditions it became apparent the team with the better run game would most likely come out on top, Nathan Jones’ 155 yards and two touchdowns would suffice for Holy Trinity. As well as running the ball effectively, the Titans sold out to stop the Monarchs main weapon Alonzo Addae, with favourable results.

The first quarter was nothing but a defensive grudge match for it’s 12 minute entirety. Both team were lucky to get first down, let alone move the ball down field. For the most part the entire first quarter was played between each team’s 40 yard line. The second quarter however was a little more offensive.

In the second quarter St. Mary’s would begin slowly, but surely moving into Holy Trinity territory and soon enough, they were threatening to score. With 1st and goal looked to deliver what could be an early kill shot in a game that was dominated by defence. Faced with 3rd and goal from inside the two yard line the Monarchs would go for it; the Titans defence was up to the task and stuffed the run short of the goal line. The Titan offence would take over and move the ball out of the shadows of their own goalpost, but not much further late in the second quarter. They would however get a second chance when a booming Michael Drake would get muffed by the Monarchs and recovered by Nathan Jones in Monarchs territory. The Monarch defence stood tall and forced the Titans to attempt a field goal.That’s when Canadian football rules were on full display as the field goal missed, the Monarchs tried to punt it out of their own endzone to avoid a rouge, however it was partially blocked and never made it out of the endzone, luckily St. Mary’s would recover and escape the half only down one point.

In the third quarter the Titans would open the half with the ball and this time, they found a way to move the ball. Picking up chunk yardage as they moved on the ground. Early in the third quarter it would all culminate into a short Nathan Jones rushing touchdown, his first of the day, Michael Drake would miss the PAT and the score would be 7-0 Titans early in the third quarter. Later in the third quarter Holy Trinity would again find itself in good field position this time off of a Tristan Butler interception. The Titan offence would soon cash in on the turnover, with Nathan Jones picking up his second touchdown of the day, this time on a long run making the score 13-0 for the Titans.

In the fourth quarter both defences would clamp down, neither allowing the opposing offence anything of significance. Tristan Butler would pick up his second interception of the day, 5th of the season later in the final quarter and allow the Titans to kill the clock and seal the shutout.

The two teams meet again on Wednesday in the first round of the LOSSA playoffs.

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