SMU bolsters offensive line with CEGEP recruit (VIDEO)

***UPDATED JANUARY 28TH,2016 @ 1:00PM****

CEGEP left tackle joins AUS team’s 2016 class

Saint Mary’s Huskies have announced the addition of Damien Constantin to their football program.

The 6’7, 355 pound left tackle from Montreal, Quebec will join the team for the 2016 AUS season.

Damien Constantin 2

Constantin was recruited by over 20 schools including at least five of them south of the border.

Following his signing with the Huskies, the lineman issued a statement:

“Why Saint-Mary’s?”

“It’s simple, AJ Tufford.  It clicked immediately with AJ, during my visit at Halifax, he let me visit with the SMU players. He never tried to convince me, perhaps he thought he had no chance, I don’t know you should ask him.  AJ know everybody in Halifax and he is respected. He already brought changes in the team, he is working hard on the recruitment and I like what I see.”

“Yes I know the team is 0-16 during the last two years but this is over, it’s the past.

“Look, football is changing actually and the players don’t commit automatically to one team.  My friend Andrew Seinet is a really good football player, I played and won the gold medal with this guy at team Québec and no one asked about his choice.”

“I know players who has been top recruited and they never played, never be dressed or only played their fourth year. If my team win, I will be implicated. I had choice of teams during my recruitment whether here or elsewhere in the USA, a team offered me a full scholarship including laundry service and a laptop. I almost accepted because my laptop is broken.”

“Seriously, I chose Halifax and I don’t regret my choice, like I said I’m going to Halifax because I respect AJ Tufford. I wish the football direction at Saint-Mary’s will read the article. Can you send them a copy?  Saint-Mary’s will become Saint-Mary’s and I swear everybody is ready to go to the war with AJ Tufford.”

“I have friends with other Quebec teams who asked me if there was room at SMU. It means everything.”

Recently, he completed a stint with CEGEP Division 1 team, Montmorency Nomades.

Among the honours he has received during his career include Football Elite Player in Quebec (2012, 2013, 2014), Bruno Heppel Camp Lineman MVP (2011), Montreal Alouettes Junior Camp Lineman MVP (2010), Wilson Challenge under-17 Bronze Medal as well as All-Star selection (2012), Football Canada Cup Gold Medal as well as First Team All-Star (2013), High School Student Athlete of the Year (2013) and High School Football Player of the Year 2013).


Damien Constantin 3

“Damien reminds me of our 2007 offensive linemen; he is big, physical and has a mean streak,” commented Huskies Interim Head Coach AJ Tufford.  “He is the type of player that is going to bring this team back to the Vanier cup.”

“A great person, driven student and one hell of a football player, he is going to turn heads.”


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