St. FX receive massive NCAA CFC100 transfer

You never know what to expect when you wake up in the football world, and we were treated to a special bit of news on the East Coast yesterday. The St. FX staff have secured the transfer of a former top ten CFC100 offensive linemen who should take the AUS by storm.

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No place like home right? After playing out his first university season down in Texas at Rice Univeristy, CFC100 Gregor MacKellar has decided to come back home to play in front of his family and friends.

The offensive line prospect was highly regarded coming out of CFC10 St. Andrew’s College, which is how he ended up down in Texas in the first place, but life always has a twist or two ahead even if you don’t see them coming. We were unable to reach MacKellar for a comment, but this type of move isn’t uncommon in the Canadian recruiting scene – sometimes a prospect may believe this is the best place for me, but end up finishing their career elsewhere.


Now the fact that St. FX was able to secure his transfer is huge news. You’d imagine an offensive linemen of his calibre could’ve gone to any school in the country, but he decided on the X-Men. This is a breakthrough of sorts for them on the trail after only securing one CFC100 during this past cycle, and could go a long way in them returning to Loney glory in the next few years.

MacKellar is no stranger to the nomad lifestyle after transferring to St. Andrew’s College in Ontario during his high school career, but now he returns to Nova Scotia with a wealth of knowledge from his adventures playing against top quality competition. No doubt this has already taken his game to the next level, so it’ll be fun to watch what version of MacKellar we see return on the U Sports scene.

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