Storm accolades

Henderson earns Storm accolades for second consecutive season

As the 2014 campaign provided the Edmonton Storm with a regular season conference title, one of its key contributors was Tanya Henderson. Entering into her second season with the storied franchise, the sophomore slump was certainly not in her vocabulary. With the honour of serving as one of the team’s captains, it was an appointment that represented a momentous milestone in Henderson’s budding career.

A multi-talented athlete, armed with ambition, she entered the season with a personal goal. Earnestly accepting the challenge, the result was an accomplishment that came with great vigour. In the aftermath of the season, Henderson was rewarded as the Storm’s recipient of the Unsung Hero Award. This was complemented by gaining the Storm’s Most Improved Player nod in 2013.

“The unsung hero awards means that I accomplished my number one goal this season, which was making a difference to the team as my first year as a captain.

Having one year of experience myself, Aria (McGowan) moving to QB and having one of the freshest defenses, I believe our team has had to date; it was a lot to take on. I spent a lot of the season completely overwhelmed, but I did my absolute best to bring everything together for our defense this season.”

Taking into account the solid season that the Storm assembled, Henderson succeeded in undertaking a strong leadership role. While the Storm were one game away from returning to the Western Women’s Canadian Football League championship game (it would have been their first since 2011), the Western Conference title game provided Henderson with a moment that she reflects upon proudly,

“The moment that stood out to me the most this season, (other than winning against Lethbridge in our regular season game) was the second half of our conference final game against Lethbridge. I believe this was our defense’s best moment to date, even though we came out with a loss. Our defense managed to hold Lethbridge scoreless in that entire second half.”

Serving as one of the new generation of leaders for the proud Storm franchise, Henderson is earnest in setting a positive example for the rookies following in her footsteps. Perhaps more admirable is the fact that Henderson has also engaged in recruiting talent. It serves as a remarkable point of pride,

“I do hope I am setting a positive example for new rookies coming in. My two awards mean the world to me, but what means even more is my rookie this year, who also happened to be my recruit, also won an award.

Moriah Dyck won one of the two Most Improved Player awards this year. I can honestly say her winning that award means more to me than winning my own. I am so glad I could make such a positive impact on her and introduce the game of football to her. She is going to be one hell of a player down the road, as her potential is endless. We are so happy to have her on board.”

In addition to football, Henderson has pushed herself to greater heights. Challenging her physical endurance, she is proving that there is truly no off-season. Engaging in Spartan Races, it may prove to be a key factor in an even more exciting 2015 campaign.

“I think Spartan Races will turn out to be a great offseason “sport” for me. The competitive nature and the variety of strengths required and the challenges presented are fantastic. However, I think what is going to benefit me the most this off-season is returning to MMA style training.”

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