Team Burris Offensive Weapons | CFC Prospect Game Breakdown

It’s time to continue our analysis of the 2020 CFC Prospect Game rosters from top to bottom.

Today we take a look at the offensive arsenal for Team Burris, who will be making headlines all over the continent soon enough.

You can catch up with our quarterback analysis for Team Burris and Team Dunigan HERE.

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Team Burris RB Omarion Martin (Mississauga, ON)

A member of the Class of 2023, no doubt Omarion Martin would’ve been one of the star attractions at TD Place Stadium. He was actually earmarked for the inaugural roster but unfortunately wasn’t able to participate, and now we’ll have to wait another year.

Sad? Kind of, but he’s only been getting better every snap he takes down south with Clarkson, and it’ll be a treat to finally see his recruiting journey unfold over the next couple of years with an offer from Central Michigan already on the board.

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