WHSFL Senior Bowl 2017: Another win for Kevin Boyd

This year’s WHSFL Senior Bowl was a classic between two tough opponents. The game started off with teammates from Vincent Massey cutting through team Kapilik’s defense as if it was regular season. Abdul Gassama was the target of many passes for quarterback Andreas Dueck, while Team Kapilik had trouble stopping Gassama all day. Another force for Team Boyd was Grant Park’s Brandon O’Connor.

Brandon was a force all day in the running game. O’ Connor scored the first touchdown of the day, and he also added two more. Brandon mentioned, “It was so fun, I haven’t played football in a couple of months and it felt so nice.”

Grant Park’s running back has been playing football with the Pirates for four years and cherishes all the bonds he’s made during the season and after it, “My team meant so much to me, “ mentioned Brandon. “I was new to this country but football was there for me.”

On team Boyd’s side of the ball Jalen Burley was awarded with the defensive MVP. Jalen had the hit of the game when he hammered Mathe Mitayango from Miles Mac.

Abdul Gassama (L) Photography by Marc Nedelec (MarcNedelecPhoto.com)

Offensively, Abdul Gassama from the Trojans received player of the game for Team Boyd because he was effective all day in the passing game, and receiving game.

Team Kapilik’s defensive standout was Stephen Hart from the Sturgeon Heights Huskies. On offense, St. Paul’s Bryce Stubbings was given the offensive most valuable player.

The Senior Bowl will be Bryce’s last game playing football as it is many others.  He will be heading to the United States to become a chemical engineer. I caught up with Bryce after the game and asked him what he’ll miss most about the WHSFL, he replied, “Football in general, it’s probably my last game ever so I’m definitely going to miss football.”

Riley Naujoks (5) Photography by Marc Nedelec (MarcNedelecPhoto.com)

Bryce was the recipient of touchdowns from teammate Riley Naujoks, and also Mathe Mitayango. “Getting selected to play in an All-Star game is good in itself, to go out and catch a few balls is also good too,” replied Stubbings.

Just before the first half ended, Desmond Jeanson from the Kildonan East Reivers intercepted a pass that put Team Kapilik in scoring position. Mathe Mitayango connected with Stubbings and it was 14-12 Kapilik.


Gage Foster (12), and James Lane (16) Photography by Marc Nedelec (MarcNedelecPhoto.com)

Danny Harris from the Reivers kicked a field goal to increase Team Kapilik’s lead to 17-12 Kapilik. However, Vincent Massey’s Taj Moryl answered with a 34 yard field goal of his own to cut the deficit to 17-15 for Team Boyd.

Brandon O’Connor scored two touchdowns for Team Boyd. Gassama and Darnell Wyke of the River East Kodiaks were the recipients of the two-point conversions, and team Boyd was leading 34-17.

It seemed only fitting that Team Boyd would end up winning the Gerry James Trophy in the end. Team Boyd was victorious over Team Kapilik, 34-17.

Kevin Boyd with his team in 2013. Photo credit to Glenn Dickson

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