2014 Starbowl Games take place today (ROSTERS)

The Vancouver Mainland Football League (VMFL) and Valley Community Football League’s (VCFL) annual showcase of the best of BC gridiron talent, at the bantam and midget levels, will be on display this Saturday in Langley.

Being introduced for the first time this year is a 9-man Bantam Starbowl game that will feature hard-hitting action from the best players in this very competitive division.

This will be followed by a 12-man bantam game that will feature two integrated VMFL and VCFL teams for the first time, reflecting the integrated regular season played between the leagues at this level.

The now-traditional tilt between integrated VMFL and VCFL midget teams will bring the day of football to a close.

Admission is by donation and games are scheduled as follows:

Noon – 9-man Bantam
2:30 p.m. – 12-man Bantam
5:00 p.m. – Midget

If you can’t make it to McLeod Athletic Park in person, you can view the action live online here.

Starbowl 2014

Bantam 9-Man:
Bantam 12-Man:
McLeod Athletic Park – Langley
Sat April 12th
Admission by donation


Bantam 9-Man Team #1:

Coaches: Paul Lancaster, Craig Klemment, Dave Hill, Blake Lancaster, Rob Parmar

No First Last Pos Association
3 Spencer O’Brien RB WRSS Titans
7 Tariq Lopez O-Line Richmond Raiders
7 Ricky Reed COR Vancouver Trojans
8 Liam Stewart COR Coquitlam Chargers
13 Lucas Gill QB Coquitlam Chargers
22 Patrick Ruvalcaba LB Richmond Raiders
25 Matt Shuen S Coquitlam Chargers
26 Darrel Gelera LB Coquitlam Chargers
44 Nolan Haraga D-Line Richmond Raiders
55 Devin Pal D-Line Coquitlam Chargers
58 Nick Hamilton O-Line WRSS Titans
62 Rylan Smaaslet O-Line Coquitlam Chargers
67 Marco Aiello O-Line Coquitlam Chargers
73 William (Liam) Burgess O-Line Coquitlam Chargers
 Marcus Parmer Richmond Raiders
Luke Avon LB Richmond Raiders
Victor Dodge D-Line Richmond Raiders


Bantam 9-Man Team #2 (still being finalized)

Coaches: Gordon Francis

No First Last Pos Association
1 Jacob Hilton-Halkinrud S WRSS Titans
7 Victor Belanger QB Cloverdale Leopards
9 Corky Smith COR Vancouver Trojans
12 Dominic Winter RB Vancouver Trojans
14 Bowen Goldade LB Coquitlam Chargers
21 Bishop Francis REC Cloverdale Leopards
22 Tanvir Toor D-Line Cloverdale Leopards
27 Dade Motz O-Line Coquitlam Chargers
29 Martin Norman RB Coquitlam Chargers
36 Jean Claude Rugamba RB Cloverdale Leopards
38 Darby Quan D-Line Richmond Raiders
38 Sam Talbot D-Line Richmond Raiders
55 Brayden Gatland O-Line Cloverdale Leopards
56 Tighe Andreou LB WRSS Titans
66 Noah Lubendo O-Line Vancouver Trojans
70 Dominic Carey LB Cloverdale Leopards
88 Bennie Clark REC Cloverdale Leopards
94 Jag Sandhu O-Line Richmond Raiders
Scott Goldie O-Line Richmond Raiders
Griffin Thomas REC Richmond Raiders
Lachlan Thomas REC Richmond Raiders
Quinten Milner S Richmond Raiders


Bantam 12-Man Team #1:

Coaches: Keith Pickett


No First Last Pos Association
2 Tyler Pickett COR Langley Mustangs
4 Gerald Leonardo Slot North Surrey Tigers
5 Conner Moore DB Chillwack Giants
6 Justin Swartz REC Langley Mustangs
7 Jayden Korfman Slot Langley Mustangs
8 CAM LAMPART RB Chillwack Giants
9 Lucas Desouza LB North Surrey Tigers
10 GABE OLIVARES QB Chillwack Giants
11 Zander Baily DB North Surrey Tigers
12 Joel Klassen DB North Surrey Tigers
13 Leif Wagner DB Comox Raiders
14 Max Joseph QB North Surrey Tigers
19 Nolan McMurchy RB Langley Mustangs
20 Azuka Okoli LB Langley Mustangs
21 CAM BETKER Safety Chillwack Giants
22 TREY ISAAC Slot Chillwack Giants
23 Kyle Clarot COR Langley Mustangs
27 Wesley Foss DB Langley Mustangs
28 Marius Anghel Slot Chillwack Giants
33 Alex Oyesiku D-Line North Surrey Tigers
34 Nathan Murray REC Langley Mustangs
35 Isaiah Okoli LB Langley Mustangs
36 BRANDON WHITE RB Comox Raiders
37 RYAN BEAUCHAMP LB Comox Raiders
43 Damen Norris D-Line Langley Mustangs
49 MITCHELL AYERS O-Line Comox Raiders
50 Max Parsons O-Line Langley Mustangs
51 EMERSON HARVEY D-Line Chillwack Giants
53 Josh Cook O-Line Langley Mustangs
54 AJ SAGROTT LB Chillwack Giants
55 Cory Turner O-Line North Surrey Tigers
59 Spencer Schmitke O-Line North Surrey Tigers
61 NAT OENEMA D-Line Chillwack Giants
62 Zach Janzen O-Line Langley Mustangs
63 OWEN MCLEOD D-Line Comox Raiders
64 ERIK VANDER WERFF O-Line Chillwack Giants
65 Chris Derksen O-Line Chillwack Giants
99 Manraj Bains D-Line Langley Mustangs


Bantam 12-Man Team #2:

Coaches: Jeff Von Ende


No First Last Pos Association
0 Braemon Comville QB Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
3 Jake Hampton QB South Delta Rams
5 Stef Goulas LB South Delta Rams
6 Tristen Yanciw D-Line North Delta Longhorns
7 Baily McMillan QB Victoria Spartans
8 Takeshi Kimura COR South Delta Rams
9 Grant McDonald LB South Delta Rams
11 Elijah Khan DB North Delta Longhorns
15 Devonte Wilson RB North Delta Longhorns
17 Tyler Moxin Slot North Delta Longhorns
20 Austin Blum COR North Delta Longhorns
22 Ty Mennie REC North Delta Longhorns
24 Charlie Moore DB South Delta Rams
27 Rahim Mohammed RB North Delta Longhorns
30 Cooper Jones REC South Delta Rams
33 Kwaku Frimpong LB North Delta Longhorns
33 Michael Mann DB South Delta Rams
42 Evan Khara O-Line South Delta Rams
44 Devon Patterson LB North Delta Longhorns
44 Ryan von Ende D-Line South Delta Rams
48 David Edwards O-Line South Delta Rams
49 Jordan Schutt O-Line Victoria Spartans
52 Darien Attridge DB Victoria Spartans
54 Brandon Bain D-Line Victoria Spartans
61 Wyatt Bates D-Line South Delta Rams
66 Alan Clarke D-Line North Delta Longhorns
66 Kyle Sapala LB Victoria Spartans
69 Jack Noda O-Line North Delta Longhorns
69 Matt Ward D-Line South Delta Rams
72 Truce Ighorewo Slot North Delta Longhorns
83 Brett Miligan Slot Victoria Spartans
99 Anojan Krishna RB North Delta Longhorns
Malcom Barr LB Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Nathanael Durken REC Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Dayton Gaskal REC Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Cory Fletcher RB Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Karl Mattison RB Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Dylan Strutt O-Line Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs
Justin Young D-Line Cowichan Nanaimo Red Dogs


Midget Team #1:

Coaches: Sean Roden


No First Last Pos Association
1 Cory McMurchy QB Langley Stampeders
1 Devon Hallums QB North Surrey Bears
2 Owen Mar DB Victoria Spartans
3 Liam Stewart Rec Coquitlam Falcons
4 Mathew Blacklaws Rec North Delta Longhorns
5 Justin Brown S Langley Stampeders
6 Malachi Ince COR Victoria Spartans
7 Brad Atkinson WR Langley Stampeders
8 Frankie Dema D-Line North Delta Longhorns
9 Calvin Johnson LB Victoria Spartans
10 Eli Krickan DB North Delta Longhorns
11 Stephen Legare Slot Langley Stampeders
12 Sam Malanda DB North Surrey Bears
14 Alex Rutten Slot Victoria Spartans
15 Brett Johnston QB Victoria Spartans
16 Colton Cave S North Surrey Bears
17 Reagan Stard-Doucette RB Langley Stampeders
18 Jonas Lavec Slot North Surrey Bears
19 Bryce Mosley Slot North Delta Longhorns
20 Riley Galloway LB North Delta Longhorns
21 Archie Acosta RB Victoria Spartans
23 Jailen Goodson S North Delta Longhorns
24 Ryan Porteous COR Langley Stampeders
25 Devin DaCosta RB Langley Stampeders
26 Ryan Nicholls LB North Delta Longhorns
32 David Lagou RB North Surrey Bears
33 David Fredo LB Langley Stampeders
34 Willy Brenner Slot North Surrey Bears
40 Scott Miller O-Line Langley Stampeders
44 Logan Hilton-Lepine LB North Delta Longhorns
47 Sanjay Minhas O-Line North Delta Longhorns
50 Alper Ozcetin D-Line Victoria Spartans
51 Chris Schwartz DL Langley Stampeders
52 Jordlin Gamez LB North Surrey Bears
53 Kodi McAllister O-Line Langley Stampeders
54 Luc Roberts O-Line Victoria Spartans
55 Clayton Frohlich O-Line Langley Stampeders
61 Amitosh Thind O-Line North Surrey Bears
62 Taylor Price D-Line Coquitlam Falcons
63 Nolan Ott O-Line North Surrey Bears
64 Kyle Harrington O-Line Victoria Spartans
66 Colton Bottaro D-Line Victoria Spartans
68 Mathew Patterson O-Line North Delta Longhorns
93 Connor Griffiths DL Langley Stampeders
97 Ben Sloat LB Victoria Spartans
99 Shane Rassmonson D-Line North Surrey Bears


Midget Team #2:

Coaches: Kim Walters


No First Last Pos Association
1 Travis Coutts RB WRSS Titans
2 Keenan Godden Slot Chilliwack Giants
3 Alex Lane REC WRSS Titans
4 Jonah Wassell QB Nanaimo redmen
5 Brandon Tooke COR Chilliwack Giants
6 R.J. Begg QB Chilliwack Giants
7 Tyler Mcstravick S Chilliwack Giants
9 Tyler Gavin DB Nanaimo redmen
10 Hunter Larocque COR Chilliwack Giants
11 Jake Borserio RB Nanaimo redmen
12 Cory Lewis S Cowichan Bulldogs
13 Brett Boyce RB Ridge Meadow Knights
14 Drayson Price RB Cowichan Bulldogs
15 Eric Williams REC Cowichan Bulldogs
18 Austin Lyle QB Nanaimo redmen
21 Devon Moore DB Comox Raiders
23 Mark Kalmykov D-Line Ridge Meadow Knights
24 Taylor Anderson REC WRSS Titans
25 Riley Savard RB Nanaimo redmen
26 Liam Palcu-Johnston RB Cowichan Bulldogs
27 Marcus Severe COR Nanaimo redmen
28 RJ Piche DB Cowichan Bulldogs
30 Matthew Chichka LB Ridge Meadow Knights
31 Nick Thomas LB Cowichan Bulldogs
34 Wyatt MacWatt LB Cowichan Bulldogs
35 Travis Macdonald LB WRSS Titans
36 Steven Baker LB Chilliwack Giants
42 Bryce Wiebe D-Line Chilliwack Giants
44 Eric Maslen O-Line Cowichan Bulldogs
46 Mackey Singh O-Line Cowichan Bulldogs
49 Landen Conville D-Line Cowichan Bulldogs
50 Donovan McNee O-Line Ridge Meadow Knights
51 Alec Robertson O-Line WRSS Titans
52 Ethan Schulz LB Nanaimo redmen
53 Paul Anghel O-Line Chilliwack Giants
54 Noah Hayes D-Line Ridge Meadow Knights
55 Chae Faickney O-Line Nanaimo redmen
56 Brock Gowanlock D-Line Cowichan Bulldogs
57 Raphael Olivares D-Line Chilliwack Giants
59 Sean Reed O-Line WRSS Titans
62 Alec Henderson O-Line Chilliwack Giants
63 Adam Marchetti D-Line Cowichan Bulldogs
80 Ryan Chicke REC Nanaimo redmen
84 Kyle Cameron COR Ridge Meadow Knights
88 Jarid Dyck REC Comox Raiders

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