CFC OFC Game of the Week Preview: “We have stuff in our arsenal that we have been working on”

Despite playing with a short bench due to many players having graduation, prom and other commitments, the varsity Hamilton Hurricanes of the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) was able to secure another big win to stay undefeated in 2014.

This time,  the Hurricanes took it to a Sudbury Gladiators  – a team that was only able to score one touchdown on an interception return as the Hurricanes rolled to a 54-7 win.

Not only was the win a great test for depleted roster, it was an opportunity for many players deeper on the roster to showcase what they can do when given the chance.

“It was great to give some of our players extra playing time,” explained Hurricanes Head Coach Rob Underhill. “We are very fortunate that our numbers twos are pretty good and they stepped up.”

“The remaining starters in place did a great job of leading and directing our number twos and letting them know what is expected and how to deal with adversity.”

The Hurricanes had such a thin roster they even took the time to call up a junior varsity player and help with his growth.

“We had the opportunity to call up a junior varsity player to help us out and he got a good number of reps,” said Underhill. “Reps that will help with his development.”


With the win over the Gladiators now in the past, the Hurricanes now look ahead to a Guelph Bears team that also sits at 3-0 on the season. The matchup is sure to be a test for the Hurricanes team that has been dominant thus for in the season. Despite the opportunity to make a statement against another undefeated team, the ‘Canes and their coach keep the big picture in mind.

“As much as we would like to remain undefeated we understand that this game is not the be all and end all,” Underhill said of the game. “We’re going to play them to win, but we have stuff in our arsenal that we have been working on that we won’t show at this point in the season.”

Unafraid of a loss, Underhill knows that his team will have a shot at redemption should the two-season winning streak come to and end.

“We know that somewhere in the end, the path to the championship is going to run through Guelph,” added Underhill.

The Hurricanes play the Guelph Bears in week 4 in Guelph, set for an 8:00pm kick off at Alumni Stadium.

Hurricanes JV squad remains undefeated without playing a game

Unfortunately, due to a short roster and being unable to field a team, the Sarnia Sturgeons were forced to withdraw from it’s matchup against Hamilton.. The Hurricanes junior varsity squad now stays at 2-0 on the season while the two teams attempt to find a time and date that could work for a makeup game.

The Hurricanes JV squad is set to play this coming weekend in Guelph to take on the Bears at 4:00pm at Alumni Stadium

Photo credits:  Jennifer Silvestri


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