CFC27 Update (9): 2017 recruiting season wrapped up?

The final push for this year’s U Sports recruiting season is in full swing. All U Sports teams are fully up to date with today’s update of the CFC27 U Sports Recruiting Rankings.

There isn’t any change in the top 5 for both the total rankings and average per player rankings.

Calgary is in the number one spot with 40 commits, 12 CFC100‘s, and 970 total points. They are averaging 24.25 points per player.

McMaster is in second spot for total points with 811 total points. They have 50 recruits, 2 CFC100‘s, and average 23.27 points per player.

Montreal sits in third with 768 total points, 33 commits, 9 CFC100‘s, and is second with 21.93 average points per player.

UBC is fourth for total rankings with 37 commits, 9 CFC100‘s, 765 total points and in fifth spot averaging 20.68 points per player and Guelph is in fifth spot for total points at 707 total points, 51 commits, and 6 CFC100‘s.

The Rouge et Or are in third spot for average points per player with 28 commits, 6 CFC100‘s, 614 total points and 21.93 points per player.

And lastly, St. Mary’s is in the fourth spot for average points per player at 21.63, 27 commits, 3 CFC100‘s, and a total of 584 points.

We would be almost willing to say that the 2017 recruiting season has wrapped up, but then we’ll see some program announce another round of commits and we would be putting our foot in our mouth.



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*CFC employs a point system based on the recruits declared in the recruiting class on CFC:

  • Schools declare recruits at different times of year (i.e. Quebec schools recruit most in January, higher academic school entries are later, etc) so make sure you equate the amount of recruits with the point system
  • Players are rated based on (a) CFC100 ranking (b) 4-star ranking (c) 3-star ranking (d) all other players get a NR
  • Transfers are NOT allocated points as of 2016-2017 as they would have acquired points in their original class year. They will be listed on the ‘Transfer List’.
  • #CFC27 is updated once per week

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