#CFC50 Games of the week (West/Atlantic) PREVIEW [6]: Can the Pride take down No. 1?

We will be previewing the #CFC50 Games of the Week for the West and Atlantic regions. While this will be generally geared towards the #CFC50 ranked teams, we want to hear from you if there are great rivalry games or exciting matchups, regardless of tier or division, that we aren’t aware of. Send us a ‘heads up’ by Tuesday each week and we’ll see what we can do: [email protected].

*Note: Some information was not available at press time. It will be added as it becomes available.

….and now let’s get to it with this week’s #CFC50 Games of the Week PREVIEW



No. 1 St. Francis Browns (Calgary, AB) (3-0, 1-0) v. No. 30 Notre Dame Pride (Calgary, AB) (3-0, 0-1)
Thursday, October 13, 6:30 p.m., McMahon Stadium (Game preview courtesy: Football Alberta)
This one always falls under Game of the Year type material, as arguably the hottest high school football rivalry in Canada take place this Thursday between the Browns and the Pride. As happened last year the expected crowd of anywhere between 3000-5000 has forced a move from Shouldice Park to McMahon Stadium to serve the rabid fan bases for both programs that also requires an entire section of the stadium to sit empty between them. For a team that hadn’t lost in close to four seasons, the Pride lost three times last year, but only to one team. In three hard fought classics the Browns beat them in the regular season, the Calgary City Final, and the ASAA Provincial Tier I Final – all by 10 points or less. This year both teams are off to their usual stellar start with defense being both teams calling cards.  The Browns have given up only 6 points so far (and that was a month ago vs. LCI), and the Pride have given up a mere 16 over the same time period. McMahon has 35, 000 seats so it won’t sell out, but I wouldn’t be late for this one….and choose which side you sit on wisely.

Players to watch: Browns #CFC100‘s Joseph Dutton, Jacob Izquierdo, Logan Bandy, Pride #CFC100‘s Tyler Packer, Deane Leonard


No. 3 Bev Facey Falcons (Sherwood Park, AB) (6-0, 2-0) v. Austin O’Brien (3-2)
Friday, Oct. 14, 7:30pm at Clarke Stadium
Bev Facey has been cruising with the W’s all season long and why not when you have #CFC100 Chuba Hubbard running for 234 yards on 4 carries and 3 touchdowns last week. We hope that AOB will give them a bit more competition in preparation for No. 15 ranked Harry Ainlay coming at the end of the month. It won’t be easy for AOB as they just finished playing Harry Ainlay resulting in a 33-6 loss.

Players to watch: #CFC100 Chuba Hubbard

No. 4 Leboldus Golden Suns (Regina, SK) (5-0, 1-0) v. Riffel (4-1)
Friday, Oct. 14, 5:15pm at Leibel Field
The Suns beat the O’Neill Titans last week 56-12 with some outstanding QB play from Donnelly. We are curious to see how this team matches up against a much stronger opponent in Riffel who managed the upset against Campbell earlier in the season. Both teams will be highly motivated to come out the winner in this as it is the seeding game before they go into playoffs the following weekend.

Players to watch: Leboldus’ #CFC100‘s Nick Cross and Semba Mbsela, Riffel #CFC100 Kyle Borsa

No. 7 Mount Douglas Rams (Victoria, BC) (2-0, 3-0) v. No. 40 Notre Dame Jugglers (Vancouver, BC) (2-0, 2-1)
Friday, Oct. 14, 5:00pm at Burnaby Lakes
This game could be very competitive as the Jugglers have pulled off some highly convincing wins the past two weeks. QB Steve Morretta is showing no signs of slowing down. However, Mount Douglas is a different beast and will be looking to remain undefeated and to challenge the Jugglers for top spot in the Western Conference in BC.

No. 9 St. Paul’s Crusaders (Winnipeg, MB) (5-0) v. Garden City Fighting Gophers (2-3)
Thursday, Oct. 13, 4:30pm at Garden City Collegiate
St. Paul’s continue’s to creep up the #CFC50 rankings week by week and we don’t think this week will be any different. They will play Garden City and then Oak Park and probably remain undefeated going into playoffs. We don’t think they will truly be tested again until they meet No. 19 ranked Vincent Massey.

Players to watch: St. Paul’s #CFC100 Shae Weekes

No. 11 Terry Fox Ravens (Port Coquitlam, BC) (3-0, 0-2) v. Kelowna Owls (Kelowna, BC) (0-3)
Friday, Oct. 14, 4:00pm Apple Bowl at Kelowna
The week’s Apple Bowl in Kelowna will be a good learning experience for the Owls as they play Terry Fox. We would like to see Kelowna get a few points on the board, but with this being their first year playing AAA, the game itself won’t be highly competitive. Terry Fox’s Kankolongo had an outstanding game last week and probably won’t see much action in this game after halftime.

Players to watch: Terry Fox’s #CFC100 Jeremie Kankolongo, Kelowna’s #CFC100 Newton Benson

Harry Ainlay Titans

No. 15 Harry Ainlay Titans (Edmonton, AB) (6-0, 1-0) v. Paul Kane  (Edmonton, AB) (1-4)
Thursday, Oct. 13, 7:30pm at Riel Park Turf Field
Harry Ainlay defeated an old rival AOB 33-6 this past weekend and will look to work out extra kinks in preparation for No. 3 ranked Bev Facey at the end of the month. Paul Kane lost 0-19 last week against Bellerose and has struggled all season long.

Players to watch: Harry Ainlay’s #CFC100 Tadi Siwira, and Paul Kane’s #CFC100 Keaton Kaychkowsky

No. 16 Vancouver College Fighting Irish (Vancouver, BC) (2-1, 2-1) v. New West Hyacks (New Westminster, BC) (1-1, 2-1)
Friday, Oct. 14, 7:30pm at Mercer Stadium (Preview source: New Westminster Hyacks)
Vancouver College continues to play hard and are coming off a win last week against Carson Graham. They will have a bit more competition in the Hyacks this week who are coming off their bye and are eager to return to the win column. The Hyacks have had a strong two weeks of practice and will be expecting improved defensive performances from a number of key players, starting with defensive linemen Yanni Angelopoulos and Isaiah James, along with linebacker Connor Pattison. Both teams are currently 1-1 in league play. The Irish defeated the Hyacks 28-12 in the AAA Provincial semi-finals last year at BC Place. Both teams usually compete very well against each other. There could be a lot of yards of the ground going both ways as both teams rely heavily on their ability to run the ball. This could be an interesting game to watch. Will the Hyacks rise up and pull off an upset?

Players to watch: VC’s #CFC100‘s Jacob Samuels and Michael Le, New West #CFC100‘s Trew Dancey and Prento Durigon

No. 19 Vincent Massey Trojans (Winnipeg, MB) (4-1, 0-1) v. Murdoch MacKay Clansmen (Winnipeg, MB) (3-2)
Friday, Oct. 14, 4:30pm at Gary Hobson Field
Vincent Massey could get some competition with the Clansmen this week, but until they meet St. Paul’s again in the playoffs, we don’t think they will be truly challenged again.

Players to watch: #CFC100 Jalen Burley

No. 21 Henry Wise Wood Warriors (Calgary, AB) (3-0, 0-1)
bye week

No. 26 Holy Cross Crusaders (Saskatoon, SK) (4-0, 1-0)
bye week

No. 31 Centennial Chargers (Saskatoon, SK) (4-0) v. Marion Graham (3-2)
Thursday, Oct. 13, 5:15pm at Saskatoon Minor Football Field
The Chargers will play Marion Graham on Thursday. Marion Graham is coming off a 34-0 win against Tommy Douglas and will be carrying that momentum towards this game. However, Centennial is coming off their bye week and will be rested up and looking to remain undefeated.

No. 36 L.C.I. Rams (Lethbridge, AB) (2-0, 2-2) v. Catholic Central Cougars (Lethbridge, AB) (5-1)
Friday, Oct. 14 at L. C. I
L.C.I is also coming off their bye week and will look to continue their slow climb in the rankings for the season. Catholic Central is on the upswing with their convincing win 42-14 last week and will want that momentum to continue. This should be another good game to watch.

No. 38 Tantramar Regional Titans (Sackville, NB) (5-0) v. L’Odyssee (4-1)
Saturday, Oct. 15, 1:00pm
This could be an upset game if L’Odyssee has its way. Tantramar has been unstoppable all season. We think this will be a competitive game and are looking forward to seeing the result.

Players to watch: L’Odyssee #CFC100 Charles Lavallee

No. 39 CP Allen Cheetahs (Bedford, NS) (3-0) v. Cobequid Ed. Centre (3-1)
Sunday, Oct. 16, 1:00pm
Another interesting matchup on the East Coast. The weather didn’t slow down the Cheetahs this last weekend with their 33-0 win against Halifax West. But CEC has been competitive all year. Will CP Allen’s defense continue to dominate down the home stretch?

No. 43 Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers (Surrey, BC) (2-0, 2-0) v. Mount Boucherie Bears (1-2)
Friday, Oct. 14, 2:30pm at Lord Tweedsmuir
Tweedsmuir seems to be the little engine that could. Tied for 1st in their conference with Terry Fox, they will want to keep that momentum going when they come up against the Bears this weekend. Mt. Boucherie came off a tough game against Terry Fox last weekend losing 57-20 and will want to rebound. They could do that with this game, but we think the Panthers are on roll.


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