CFCFPC Ottawa (MVPs): Team Central vs Team Halton-Peel Grade 8s

With a howling wind, the airshow was more or less grounded with Team Central and Team Halton-Peel Grade 8s opting for the run, but it was Team Central that proved to be the better, winning 33-12. In the battle against the elements, Christopher Dixon reigned as the overall MVP with Mason Watson as the offensive MVP and Aaron Grandinetti as the defensive MVP.

DE/TE Christopher Dixon (Central), the overall MVP.

Defensive end Christopher Dixon (#86 Central) had himself quite the game. He had a sack, an assisted sack and a touchdown off a fumble recovery. He said that that moment was his personal highlight. And his thoughts on his MVP selection? “It was outstanding,” he said. “I tried my hardest too.”

He added that his team’s play was really good, “especially the offense and defense.”

RB Mason Watson (Central), the offensive MVP.

Chivase Bryan, the head coach for Team Central, said that to him, Dixon was great and that he earned it. He also said that running back Mason Watson (#2 Central) was great as well. “I think it (the MVP selection) was a great chose. Those kids played well,” he added.

Watson had a total of three touchdowns, the first one coming off a 30-yard run. “I saw a hole and then my team was like, ‘Mason go right, go right,’ but then I looked right and there was nothing there, so I went left and I scored,” he said. “It (the game) started out hard, but then the second quarter, it’s just, we wanted it more.”

DB Aaron Grandinetti (Halton-Peel), the defensive MVP.

For defensive back Aaron Grandinetti (#28 Halton-Peel), the theme was family. “It’s all about the team, how you work together as a family, coming together from a lot of different places. Being a family is, today is part of the whole game,” he said.

“I think that the defensive half, we did as best as we could. We were working together. The offense, we had a few mishaps. People got hurt. But, I think we came back in the last quarter,” he added.

Grandinetti said he had a good game and was happy being named as a MVP. But his own personal highlight was his team’s first touchdown. “It was a beautiful play,” he said.

Raad Raad, the head coach of Team Halton-Peel, felt it was tough picking three MVPs. He said, “There were some great individual efforts from both teams…it is always tough to pick out one or two players. I think all these guys are MVPs on both teams.”

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