CFCFPC Ottawa (MVPs): Team East vs Team West Grade 7s

Little did anyone realize on Sunday that a successful point after attempt would be the difference in the Team East versus Team West grade seven game. Team East came out on top with a final score of 7-6. In such a defensive struggle, it was Dylan Simpson who was named overall MVP, Justin Shibley was the game’s offensive MVP and Kyler Martinez was the defensive MVP.

REC Dylan Simpson (West), the overall MVP.

It was a long drive for receiver Dylan Simpson (#11 West). The young athlete hails from Windsor, Ontario. “I mean, it was really a good experience for me coming down to Ottawa and winning MVP of the game. It means a lot to me,” he said. “I could have done better, but it was a good game overall.”

Team East’s head coach, Scott Boxall, had this to say about Simpson: “I thought…he had a solid game. Had no problem with him winning it.”

QB Justin Shibley (East), the offensive MVP.

While defense took centre stage, quarterback Justin Shibley (#11 East) had a wonderful showing. “It was a really close game. We came back together at the end and we were able to score,” he said. “I think it was really awesome because, at the end, we tried passing, and I ran for a lot of yards and we got the ball in the end zone and we got the point after.”

With Team West breathing down their necks, Shibley said his highlight was when East scored the point after. “That was a big relief,” he said.

It was also a relief for Boxall. “I think the last drive, he took the team on his back and led us down the field,” he said of Shibley.

LB Kyler Martinez (West), the defensive MVP.

Even though linebacker Kyler Martinez’s (#28 West) team lost a close match, he still relished in the experience. “I made a lot of tackles. I got a lot of yards. I love playing football with my friends, everybody, I love it. It was really fun,” he said. “I get to play everywhere, offense, defense, a lot of things. The tackle when I hit my shoulder and got all dirty, that’s what I like.”

Boxall tipped his hat to Martinez, saying that he played a great game.

“I thought they (the MVP selections) were well deserved,” Jeff Ferrell, the head coach of Team West, said. “All the kids that won the awards were well deserved. It would be nice if every kid wins, but unfortunately, it happens that way. But, I do believe the selection was really good. It was great.”

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