#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team Central Grade 8 LB Yates ready for the journey

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) on the April 29th weekend at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to the OPC, CFC will preview the teams and the players participating in the big event.

Just a small step in the right direction can shape your entire future and for Seth Yates of Team Central Grade 8s, the Ontario Prospect Challenge may be his small step.

“I chose to play in the Ontario Prospect Challenge because I am extremely committed to football and will do anything to make my dream a reality,” Yates said. “I think playing in this game could start my journey.”

For Yates, the highlight of the OPC has been playing against players who are opponents during the regular season but have since become teammates.

The young middle linebacker and fullback currently stands at 5’8, 165lbs and has only played with one team, the Toronto Thunder (Ontario Football Association). “I love being a leader. As they say, middle linebacker is quarterback of the defense and I think I show that when I play,” he said.

“Also, I like putting players in the dirt,” he added.

Seth Yates (#62) blocks the kick. Courtesy of Steve Yates.

Seth Yates (#62) blocks the kick. Courtesy of Steve Yates.

As a middle linebacker, it is little wonder than Yates football inspirations include some of the NFL’s greatest who’ve played the positon. On his list is Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers, Ray Lewis, a former Baltimore Raven and Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers.

When Yates walks out onto the field at Tim Hortons Field, he will be following in the footsteps of many CFL players. “I’m extremely excited,” he said. “Hopefully one day I can be in a stadium like this full time.”

But when you play on a big stage, there is pressure that comes along with it. “When I play football I blank everything and everyone out so all I can think about is the game so pressure has never really been a problem for me,” Yates said.

Seth Yates looks into the distance. Courtesy of Steve Yates.

Seth Yates looks into the distance. Courtesy of Steve Yates.

Yates will be graduating high school in 2020 and his main goal is to be a 3 star recruit. He would like to play for a NCAA division one school such as UCLA, USC, Notre Dame, Clemson, Alabama and Miami.

“Focus on school and possibly achieve the honour roll. I know that in order to purse my football goals, school is key to my success,” Yates said.

While Yates is still at the start of his career, he has the OPC coming up soon. He said, “I would like to prove to a larger amount than I usually do that I can play and will play as hard as I possibly can to prove my skills.”

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