#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team West Freshman DB Sexton always willing to learn (VIDEO)

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) on the April 29th weekend at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to OPC, CFC will preview the teams and players participating in the big event.


Trenton Sexton has always displayed a willingness to improve his game.

“I have been told by a few coaches I’ve had that the one thing that they like about me above all else is my willingness to learn and adapt to the style of game the coach wants me to play,” he stated.

Through the duration of his career, which includes stints with the Twin Cities Firehawks and Twin Cities Warhawks of the Twin Cities Minor Tackle Football Association (TCMTFA) and the Twin Cities Predators of the Ontario Football Conference (OFC), he has grown to love his position at defensive back.

“I play Defensive Back because I enjoy the challenge of trying to cover some of the most athletic players on the field,” Sexton said. “I enjoy the contact of the sport and that’s why I enjoy being a defensive player.”


Sexton has two players that he looks up to and emulates on the gridiron.

“One of my football idols is Sean Taylor. He was a beast of a player. Even though I can’t hit with the force as him I try to be a ball hawk the way he was, and get solid contact in all of my hits, especially on unsuspecting receivers,” elaborated the 135-pounder. “Another one of my idols is Jerry Rice. Even though I never got to watch him play, I’ve always admired his work ethic and strive to someday be at the level that he worked at to become an even better player than he already was.”

On April 30, the Predators standout will be heading to Hamilton to compete in the 2016 Ontario Prospect Challenge.

“A few of my friends did OPC last year and told me that it was a good experience so I decided to try it this year and I’m glad I did,” Sexton expressed. “The coaching I’ve received at the DB position has taught and explained some techniques that will help me learn more advanced techniques faster, earlier in my career.”


He is hoping the event will put him on the radar of some CIS scouts.

“I’m hoping to get some exposure from this experience and show people what I can do,” conveyed Sexton. “If I can’t get any exposure that way, I hope I at least get a few highlight plays to put on my highlight tape and get exposure that way when I send it out.”

He says that while there may be more people in the stands than he’s used to, ultimately, this is just another game.

“I don’t think my gameplay will be changed by the stadium I play in because it is just another game but with a bigger audience,” commented the 5’9 defensive back. “It’s hard to say how the pressure will affect me until I actually experience it for myself.”


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