#CFCOVFL: Defence positions Ravens for championship run

The varsity Essex Ravens are ranked second in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) and owe a lot of their success to their defence.

This season, the Ravens have 242 points for and 124 against – the forth lowest points against in the league.

In fact, the Ravens are defensively dominant. In 2013, the team allowed the lowest points against with only 117.  Last year, they were second in the league with 99.

Over the course of the past three years, the Ravens have ranked in the league’s top three due to their defensive consistency

“I’ve played for the Ravens for 6 years,” said Ravens’ defensive lineman Lowhya Lako.  “Every year I’ve played with the Ravens the defense is a strong point of the team and that continues this year.”

Lowhya Lako 1

The Ravens defence led by Lako has been tough match to every opposing offense –  seven interceptions (two for touchdowns), 29 sacks, 24 batted balls and four forced fumbles.

“What I think is crucial to the Ravens [defensive success] is that we play as a team,” added Lako.  “That’s what I love most about the Ravens and what makes us so good.”

“We’re ready to put our bodies on the line for each other.”

Ravens Head Coach Glen Mills has instilled a hard working ethic upon the team.

“We have to work harder than the man playing against us and we have to play fast and physical,” said Lako. “We do our best to win every down for 60 minutes.”

The Ravens are heading with confidence going into the postseason, knowing their chances are great to win a championship.

“As a defense I think we’re starting to hit our strive,” added Lako.  “Every week we’re getting better and better because we’re starting to have fair and trust in each other.”

“As a team we have one goal [which is to win a championship] and playing team defense will put us in a position to reach that goal.”

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