COACHES SPOTLIGHT (McKAY): “As a head coach, you have to decide if you want to lead a ‘team’ or a ‘program'”

Coaches play a big role in the development of their players, not just on the field, but off the field. There are thousands of community/high school coaches that sacrifice countless hours of their own time to make sure that amateur football is an opportunity presented to young people all across the country. CFC is taking the time to highlight some of these dedicated coaches.

Kelsey McKay is a football man through and through. How do I reach that conclusion, you ask? Well, look at his track record of nearly 30 years on the Winnipeg high school football scene, 13 years serving as a coach with Football Manitoba, and you have all the evidence you need.


We are looking for amateur football coaches that go above and beyond for their program, athletes, and community

If you have a coach you would like to nominate, please email [email protected] for all the details.


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