Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): CB Kemeni ready to get recognized

Peter Kemeni first hit the gridiron three years ago.

“My football experience has been great,” said Peter. “I’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot of many different things such as new friends, loyalty and growth.”

The cornerback says that football has helped him become a better person and a stronger man, both physically and mentally. “I have had various coaches that have taught me how to play the game, but more importantly the love for it,” added Peter. “Playing with your brothers on the field is one of the greatest feelings anyone can ask for.”

Peter has played for the Mississauga Warriors in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) and in the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA) with the Bishop Reding Royals. This past season, the cornerback led the team in tackles and rushing yards.

Moreover, the Royal is also participating in the International Development Fast Football League (IDFFL) and was with Team Central in last year’s Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (formally OPC).

Looking forward to this year’s FPC, he hopes to start getting recognized by coaches and to show them what talent he has.

“I’d also like to show them how great of an improvement I’ve made since I first started playing,” commented the Royal.

During the offseason, Peter tries his best to train at the field near his house, as well as sign up for football related events that will help him get better, such as the FPC and IDFFL.

“I feel like these will make me work to my full potential and get me to where I want to be,” explained the cornerback. “The work I do isn’t just physically, I often try to watch [as much] different game as I can.”

Peter tries to watch the best CFL and NFL cornerbacks to mimic his game around them and learn. He also plays basketball, his second favourite sport, as it helps him stay active and improves certain parts of his athletic ability.

On the field, his football role model is Stephon Gilmore, cornerback for the Buffalo Bulls because he is fearless. “He finds the best wide receiver on the team he’s going up against and matches himself up with them,” said Peter. “His confidence is on another level and that makes him the great cornerback he is.”

Peter also likes Gilmore as he is a technician of the game, meaning he doesn’t rely on only his skill, but also his technique. “His footwork and patience when reading the receivers routes are on another level,” added the Royal.

Peter loves to play football because it brings out a part of him that you do not see often.

“Playing on the field brings me a great amount of joy and makes me want to work 10x harder to master my craft,” continued Peter. “The excitement I feel every time I get better makes me happy, but also more hungry.”

Peter Kemeni
Positions: Cornerback and wide receiver
Height/Weight: 5’10”, 165lbs
Teams: Mississauga Warriors (OVFL), Bishop Reding Royals (HSSAA), IDFFL
Class: 2019


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