Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Freshman DL Gindl looking to learn and improve

Rayne Grindl got his football start back in 2013 when he was in the sixth grade, when he decided to try because his size differed from all of his classmates’.

Although, when his parents tried to sign him up for a fall house league team, his age group was full, and he ended up playing with the Grade 8’s.

“I had no idea what I was doing and I was one of the smallest there,” said Rayne. “I then learned that hard work pays off, I lost a lot of weight and the work I put in allowed me to play offence and defence at the same time.”

“I wasn’t very good, but I had respect from everyone and from there my love for football was a thing,” added Rayne.

Throughout the rest of his elementary career, he didn’t touch the ball much because he just did not feel like it, but then high school came and he knew football would be a great thing to do, so he did.

Rayne now plays with the Dr. Frank J. Hayden Huskies in the Halton Secondary School Athletics Association (HSSAA).

“I never wanted to be on the O-line because I felt as if I wasn’t the type of person to take impact, I’d rather deal it out,” said Rayne, who had to practically fight for his nose tackle position.

At the beginning, he was splitting his field time with a Grade 10, who unfortunately got a concussion later in the season, so Rayne had to step in as full time nose tackle, giving his stats a big boost.

The nose tackle played eight games this past season and got 27 tackles, as well as a sack. The Huskies went all the way to the finals before losing to Nelson 28-14, and from there he was awarded Rookie MVP.

All of his friends then recommended him to the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge, which he decided to participate in.

“My goal is to learn something new or improve something I’m not good at,” commented Rayne. “Even if I don’t get far and my skill is below everyone’s it’s always my goal to keep improving.”

“Whether my performance is above or below anyone’s, I want to go back [with the] realization I became a better player by doing this program,” continued the Husky.

During the offseason, he goes to the gym to work on cardio and weight lifting. Rayne focuses on losing weight so he can increase his speed because it happens to be his weakest feature. He also plays pick up basketball, which he has been told by many defensive tackles is the best sport to play to help them perform.

“I’m dedicated everyday to getting healthier and being a better football player,” said Rayne.

On the field his idol is Le’veon Bell because despite being a different position than him, he came into the league and does his own style of running the ball, and it works all the time.

“Whether my favourite team is the Steelers or not, I respect his work ethic and also how he sticks to his own game even if told it doesn’t work,” explained Rayne, “you gotta have some self confidence for that.”

The Husky loves football for the qualities it builds on people, including work ethic with all the practices and time management as you balance it with school and other hobbies.

“I also have made many friends playing football and it’s very healthy,” explained Rayne. “It gives me motivation to workout everyday as well.”

Rayne Gindl (#67)
Position: Nose tackle
Height/Weight: 6’0”, 270lbs
Team: Hayden Huskies (HSSAA)
Class: 2020


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