Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): CFC100 Benson says “football experience has been a testament of working hard pays off”

(updated April 3, 2017)

Defensive tackle, Newton Benson, has come a long way in the four years that he has been playing football. He already has been named Top Lineman of the Year, Most Improved Player, Rookie of the Year, and is a two time provincial All-Star. He was also named to the 2017 CFC100 top prospects list.

With these accolades, it’s no wonder that one of his goals for the CFCFPC is “to go out there and ball out show that kids in British Columbia are really the best in the country.” 

He also looks to Reggie White and Mike Daniels as role models and players that he tries to model his game off of.

“My football idol would have to be Reggie White, he was just freak on the field and was also really into religion which I think is very important, I would also say that mike Daniels is somebody I try to play like on the field.”

Benson wasn’t always this disciplined though. He recalls a time when he was ready to call it quits. “I remember my first time of stepping onto a football field we were told to run a lap to warm up and I would get to the 20 yard line and already be out of breath and I was ready to quit but I just kept at it and now I’m being recruited so many schools and programs and none of these opportunity would be coming my way if I gave up after that first week of football.” he says. 

Football for me is fun I can’t imagine my life without football and I breath football, you have a long time bonds with people you play with and just going into war with someone you trust that is really special to me.” 

 Newton Benson (#62)
Position: Defensive tackle
Height/Weight: 6’5, 320lbs
Team(s): St. Vital Mustangs and Kelowna Owls
Commitment: University of Manitoba
Official visits: Carleton, Alberta, Regina and Windsor
Class: 2017


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