Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): REC Rider ready for battle

Tristan Ready has been playing football since the young age of six, when the rest of his teammates were eight years old.

“I have always seemed to find a way to win, whether if it was me doing it or my teammates I’ve always been on a winning team,” said Tristan. “I’ve won six championships out of 11 in my career.”

During his long gridiron career, Tristan played for the Boucherville Grizzlies in Quebec and the West Carleton Wolverines before reaching his current teams.

Currently, he plays as a wide receiver in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) with the Myers Riders, and as a quarterback with his school team, the Arnprior Redmen in the Eastern Ontario Secondary School Athletic Association (EOSSAA).

In the past, Tristan was a 2015 NCAFA All-Star and a 2015 OVFL All Star, as well as the 2015 OVFL receptions, first downs and yards leader.

The Rider is also a member of the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge team.

During the offseason, he works out at his local gym, focusing on injury prevention exercises, as well as increasing speed, agility and pure body mass.

“I also run routes whenever I can with my older brother, Liam, who is the quarterback for the high school team,” added Tristan.

The Rider models his game after Steve Smith Sr. because he plays with a chip on his shoulder and a fire in his heart that Tristan believes he possesses.

“Another reason is that he is considered undersized to be an NFL wide receiver,” explained the Rider, “but he goes hard in the weight room to keep his body maintained to function throughout a long season, especially at his age.”

Moreover, Tristan loves football because he truly thinks it is the best team sport in the world.

“You need to be locked in and focused at all times and I love getting and being hit,” added the wide receiver.

He also loves the atmosphere of the game and all the work put into a championship effort.

“The main reason I play though, is to honour the sacrifices my parents and the people around me have made for me to play the game,” commented Tristan. “My parents have been sick for about five years, but they power through and keep powering through just to see a smile on my face and that means the world to me.”

“I just want to make it all worth it, and I think one day I will make them very proud!”

Tristan Ready
Positions: Wide receiver and quarterback
Height/Weight: 5’10”, 160lbs
Teams: Myers Riders (OVFL) and Arnprior Redmen (EOSSAA)
Class: 2019

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