Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): Timberwolves ATH May, been on “one hell of a coaster ride”

Athlete, Charlie May III, has some powerful role models in his life. If you look the pro’s, Charlie looks up to Sean Tayler because he was committed to football and was constantly striving to do better and work harder. “Every time he stepped onto the field, he brought the “boom”, he was on his “A” game and you knew it. Always 110% and  it was never half way for him.”

He adds, “Sean was also a man committed to his family  and that tells me he was a man of character and one I want to emulate.”

But this isn’t the only role model in this young athlete’s mind, he also accredits and has high praise for the coaches in his life. “Football has been about the brotherhood my fellow team mates,  it’s growing up with, and under guidance of men called “coaches”.  

“If the truth known, those “coaches” were the men that guided me, supported me,  helped me become the person I am today. Those “coaches” and were in every sense of the word a “dad” to me  when  my dad when wasn’t there,” he says. 

May describes his football journey to date as “one hell of a coaster ride”. Having played for eight years now, he has been a part of numerous teams, and is currently with the Robert Bateman Timberwolves. He was awarded the ABC Border Bowl 2016 Most Outstanding Special Teams Award and while he is just starting his recruiting story, he hopes that the CFCFPC will give him some exposure and, in turn, the opportunity to play at the next level. 

To Charlie, he explains that football “is the underdog that struggles and fights until victory”. He goes on to say that it is more addicting than after a long, hard, fought season to be provincial champions. 

Football is the thrill of stepping on the field and owning it. Its the commitment and sacrifice that each of us has brought to the party. It’s the thrill of victory, and the contemplation of how do things better no matter what the score,” he states. 

This passion is easily translated into hard work and perseverance as Charlie says that he plays rugby, lifts weights, attends multiple football camps, and does skills and drills on the field to improve his athletic and football ability in the off-season. He is striving to get on the CFC100 list as well, since he is going into his graduating year.

May captures how he feels about football in these last words, “At times Football has given me heartaches, tears, and squeezed every ounce of will from me, but she has also given me my greatest thrills, experiences, relationships and joy.”

Charlie May III (#15)
Position(s): DB, K, P, WR
Ht/Wt: 5’11, 170lbs
Teams: North Langley Bears, Abbotsford Falcons, Robert Bateman Secondary School Timberwolves, North Langley Kodiak’s
Class: 2018

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