Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (West Coast): High school coach is role model for ATH Thomas

Coaches play one of the largest and most important roles in forming and shaping an athlete’s life. For Brodie Thomas, his high school coach, Coach Wyse, is one of his role models that he looks up to.

My football role model is my high school head coach, Coach Wyse because he always puts the players first and will go out of his way to make improvements for the players of program, He also is always on the field or in the weight room encouraging players to work harder and get better,” he says.

Defensive back, quarterback, runningback, linebacker, and receiver, Thomas plays all over the field. His experience with football didn’t start out great, though, he says. “My experience started out as frustrating and challenging because I had no experience or football knowledge.” However, as the years went by, Thomas learned the game and began to get in shape and improve in all aspects. 

“[but] as the years went by I learned the ins and outs of the game and was working hard to stay in shape all season. By working hard in practice and in the weight-room and getting a better understanding of the game.”

Playing for six years now, this Langley Saint, went from playing 10 plays a game his first year of football to now being a starter in grade for both the JV and Varsity team. “I have played several different positions throughout my career which has helped me understand the game. In 2017, I will be challenging for the starting QB position for the Langley Saints senior team as well as playing free safety.”

Thomas does look up to professional players as well to motivate him. “My favorite player in the NFL is James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers because of his ‘never quit attitude’ and his outstanding work ethic on the field and in the weight-room not letting age get in the way of his performance,” said Thomas.

Using this as motivation, Thomas also participates in various all-star games and is looking forward to the CFCFPC. “My goals for the CFCFPC is to keep getting better and learn new ways to improve at all my positions,” he states.  In the off-season, you’ll find Thomas going to skill camps to improve as well as lifting weights and doing conditioning 3-5 days a week.

Overall my experience with football has been positive and taught me to keep getting better no matter how good you think you are, it also taught me about teamwork and the commitment and responsibility of being on a team,” reflects Thomas. “I love to play football because it’s a sport that takes a higher level of commitment then most other sports and more rewarding when all the hard work pays off.”

Brodie Thomas
Position(s): DB, QB, RB, LB, WR
Ht/Wt: 5’9, 150lbs
Teams: Langley Minor, Langley Secondary Saints
Class: 2019

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