K Flannery-Fleck’s competitive mindset

Kieran Flannery-Fleck stepped onto a football field for the first time 2 years ago. Ever since then, the young kicker has been making his mark in the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association in Ottawa, and in Calgary, in the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association.

In 2016, Kieran was good on 18 out of 25 field goals, 27 of 30 pats and averaged 57 yards on kickoffs. He was also the Special Teams MVP of the playoffs by going 10 for 10 on field goals, 6 for 7 on pats and had a 58 yard average on kickoffs.

Kieran enjoys being a kicker for many reasons. One reason is because he likes having multiple responsibilities. “It’s a position that requires you to be independent, mentally strong but also requires a team to be successful,” said Kieran. “It can be a very rewarding position.”

The young kicker has modeled his game after Rene Paredes of the Calgary Stampeders. Kieran said, “Rene taught me how to kick and how to remain calm.  I just love how fluid he is, all of his kicks are one fluid motion and no wasted movements.” 

After high school, Kieran is planning on going to university to get a degree. He would like to have a successful post-secondary football career and hopefully one day go pro.

At this moment, the recruitment process is just starting for Kieran. He’s been on two unofficial visits, one to Queen’s, and one to Ottawa U. “Both teams have shown interest and I look forward to hearing from them and other schools about my highlight tape,” said Kieran. This process has also been tough for Kieran because he’s a competitive guy and he would like to go to a school that allows him to play from the first year.

Kieran is intrigued by Queen’s because it’s one of the best academic universities in the country, and the academic support they offer to their student/athletes is outstanding. Also, Queen’s has a newly updated stadium and new workout facilities being built shortly. On top of that, Queen’s has a proud football tradition that Kieran thinks is fantastic.

Ottawa U stands out to Kieran because of its proud football history, support for athletes and he can live at home.

When Kieran gets to the next level, he thinks he’ll do just fine. Kieran explained, “Always trust the guys in front of you and only worry about what you can control. The hard work is done in practice. The only thing I’ll have to adjust to is the pace of the long snaps on punt.”

Kieran’s off-season training began at Elite Performance Academy. At the academy, Kieran is learning proper weight training technique which will help add size and strength. He will also be working with his kicking coach (Gerry McGrath), to continue improving his technique, timing and leg speed.

When he’s looking for inspiration, Kieran looks up to his dad. “His commitment to getting me to where I need to be whether it’s practice, games, tryouts, he is always ready and always thinks of others before himself,” said Kieran.

In football, Kieran looks up to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Kieran chose Brady because of the adversity he battled his career, being doubted going into Michigan, and after exploding in college and he was the 199th pick in the NFL draft. Kieran said, “Now he is arguably the best QB of all time and even best player of all time. He is a leader on and off the field, and he did not deflate those balls!”

“It’s not just a game, it’s a passion!” replied Kieran when asked what football means to him. Kieran thinks the reason football means so much to people (including him), is because it doesn’t last forever, so they cherish every time they strap on their pads and put on their helmets because they never know when it could end. Another reason why Kieran enjoys football is because the camaraderie on a football team is unlike any other sport.

Kieran loves football because he feels as though he is a student of the game, and he’s always learning new details.

“To me football represents honour, family, and the memories that will stick with you forever.” Kieran concluded, “Football is my passion.”

6’0, 160 lbs

Teams: Western Canada High School Redhawks (High school: CSHSAA), Glebe Collegiate Gryphons (High school: NCSSAA), Bel-Air Norsemen (Minor: NCAFA), AIA All-Star Team Red
Commitment: none
Official Visits: Queen’s, Ottawa University
Considerations: open
Class: 2017

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