Midget Football League of Manitoba needs a new name

The Midget Football League of Manitoba (MFLM) has recently made a big announcement. With the changing of team names in the 21st century, the Midget Football League of Manitoba will now seek their own new identity with the term “Midget” being inappropriate.

At the end of the MFLM season, the league started conversations that the word “Midget” that was used in the League name was now in need of a replacement. The league has put out a request on social media to kick-start the quest to find a new league name that would perfectly describe a League that offers tackle football to teens 16, 17 and 18 years of age.

“Football joins a greater sports community as a whole in making many changes including shifting age groups, renewing their commitment to playing safe and creating an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity,” said MFLM President, Maggie Yestrau.

The MFLM is looking forward to the bright future of community football. “This future should include a positive brand and use terminology that respects all of those in our community,” replied Yestrau.

“We would like to thank the Little People of Manitoba for the insights they shared with the sporting community last month,” said Yestrau. “Our executive board members of the MFLM have voted unanimously to rebrand our League and celebrate tackle football with a renewed commitment to serving the football community and the greater community as a whole.”

Current teams in the MFLM include the: St. Vital Mustangs, North Winnipeg Nomads and the Falcons Football Club. Although the league has shrunk in recent years the MFLM has produced top-notch talent. Kicker/punter Owen Brown from the St. Vital Mustangs has recently signed with the UBC Thunderbirds. Last year’s star running back for the St. Vital Mustangs, Breydon Stubbs, has signed with the Manitoba Bisons.

If you are interested in what the new name will be or have a suggestion you can check the MFLM’s Facebook page, or Twitter at @MidgetFootball.

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