Most Popular NFL Teams amongst Football Betting Fans in Canada

Many fans of Canadian football and football betting also follow the NFL. This is no surprise as fans of good football should enjoy watching the best the game has to offer wherever it takes place. But which NFL teams are the most popular with Canadian fans and bettors?

The myth of the Buffalo Bills

It has been previously suggested that the Buffalo Bills are Canada’s team, mainly because of their proximity both to the Canadian border just 15 miles away, and the city of Toronto which is just 2 hours away. In fact, the Bills even play some of their home games in Toronto. However, there is more to Canada than Toronto and not everyone would agree with this sweeping generalization. And in Toronto itself, there are fans of teams from all over the NFL including the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.

Patriots the most popular

A report in 2013 actually showed that the New England Patriots was the most popular NFL team amongst Canadians and Tom Brady their favorite player. It follows that the most popular team is also the one that attracts the most football betting interest. Canadians looking to back the Patriots can find plenty of betting options including spread betting at But what other teams do Canadian fans follow and wager on?

The prairie regions

Many years ago, fans in the prairie regions of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba had limited access to TV showing NFL games. When games were shown it was normally those of the Minnesota Vikings and viewers in those regions became fans and enjoyed wagering on that team. Many also passed their affection on to their offspring. However, in recent years, fans in these regions have opted to follow the Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears. Plenty will be backing the Packers to win the NFC this season.

Seahawks in the West

In the West of Canada, many fans follow and wager on the Seattle Seahawks, once again proving that geographical proximity plays a big part in decision-making. But due to some city rivalry between Vancouver and Seattle, others prefer to follow teams from further afield such as the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders.

Big-name teams popular in Ontario

In Ontario, the Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys all have a big following but it is certainly the case that fans outside of the USA are less loyal and more likely to follow and bet on teams that are enjoying sustained success. It could be that the popularity of the Buffalo Bills in Canada fell in line with their post-1990s decline in performance.

The most popular teams in Canada are determined by two main factors: geography and on-field success with other influences such as family tradition, and team history and heritage also coming into play. But those interested in wagering often leave their allegiances to one side when placing bets, instead preferring to use their insight to back winning outcomes regardless of the teams taking part.

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