OFC: Comraderie and new head coach highlight 2013 Nipissing Wild (PREVIEW)

This summer has already shifted into high gear for the Nipissing Wild. After a few hard feelings between some players early last season, the team’s coaches put them to work not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Since the first weekend of May, the players have spent all three days straining mind, body, and soul. In fact, they’ve been running drills, strategizing new plays, and learning constructive ways to put high school rivalries behind them for the greater good of the team.

This season is surely going to be an exciting one; especially now that the Wild have a new and improved attitude on, and off, the field.

Additionally, the Wild are welcoming a new head coach for 2013.  Brian Samson is a former NFC All-Star for the North Bay Bulldogs, and an omnipresent force on the field with the St. Joseph Scollard Hall Bears. Judging by his awards for Defensive Player of The Year, and leading the NFC in tackles just three years ago, we should be prepared for not just a new style of play, but a much harder hitting Wild.

With the team’s improved camaraderie; a brand new, (not so) former All-Star coach; and a league full of talented young players ready to hit the field, this will without a doubt be the OFC’s most exciting season yet – not only for the Wild and their competitors, but the fans.

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