Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Knight looking to finish top of the class

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is an elite three phase event that culminates in an all-star game in the spring of 2016.  For more information CLICK HERE.  The TRYOUT SERIES begins in October and goes until the middle of January 2016.


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5’11, 165 lbs

St. Joan of Arc Knights (high school: GBSSA)

Official Visits:

Wilfrid Laurier, Guelph, Ottawa, Western, Windsor, Open


Keysean Powell’s football career has been a long journey. He always knew he had potential, and started competing at his best when he started to believe it.

Earlier in his life he lived in Brampton and went to St. Edmund Campion, where he was surrounded by the best high school athletes he had ever seen.

They all had great influence on his football experience thus far because he wanted to be that type of high calibre athlete in his last year of high school.

At the time, he played football at a high level, but track and field is what gave him the speed and running mechanics to excel.

Keysean later moved to Barrie and had many goals he wanted to achieve.

He currently plays with the St. Joan of Arc Knights, and it has changed his football career drastically.

ofsaa finals football

He has had the opportunity to play in OFSAA bowl games and showcase his talent.

He hopes to make it to the CIS level, and wants to be remembered as the electric game changer.

“If I were to participate in the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) game my goals would be to finish as the top wide receiver in his class and also to win some sort of MVP when it is all said and done,” said Keysean.

During the offseason he separates him self, focusing on his speed first.

“Being a duel athlete has allowed me to see the great benefits in cross training,” commented the Knight. “So whether I’m training for track or training for football it’s like I’m training for both.”

Aside from speed training, he does his best to catch as many balls as possible so that it becomes automatic on the field.

Moreover, his biggest football idol is Steve Smith Sr. because he plays the game with passion and aggression.

Smith is the smallest guy on the field at 5’9” but plays like he is 6’3”, which is how Keysean plays, bigger than his size.

Another one of his role models is Percy Harvin because he is a freak athlete and no matter where he is on the field he is a game changer. Not only will Harvin run past you, but he will run over you as well.

The knight categorizes him as one of the best pro athletes he has ever seen.

He runs track very seriously and believes he is a better track athlete than a football athlete, but something about football just has him glued into his helmet and shoulder pads.

“I love running past people, I love the feeling of making someone miss [and] I love hearing people scream when you score,” explained Keysean. “Every part about the game I love.”

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