OVFL announces 2013 all-star selections (VARSITY)

The Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) has announced the league’s 2013 Varsity All-Star selections for both the Wettges and Adams Conference.

Leading the way in all-star nods in the Wettges Conference was is the Cornwall Wildcats.  The team fielded 10 all-stars in all position categories, including head coach Kirby Camplin.

Two CFC Top 100 ranked players were among the selections – Trevelle Wisdom was selected at the linebacker position for his exceptional play this past season with the Metro Toronto Wildcats while Kyle Wilson was chosen at the defensive lineman position for his stellar play with the Newmarket Bucs.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Lions garnered seven all-star selections in the Adam Conference.  Among the all-stars are head coach Anthony Maggiacomo.

Five CFC Top 100 players were selected for exceptional campaigns in the 2013 season – Mississauga Warriors Nate Hobbs at the quarterback position, Mississauga Warriors D’Saun Greenaway at the wide receiver position, Cambridge Lions Andrew Pickett for the offensive line, Sault Ste Marie Sabrecats Ray Duplin at the linebacker position and Essex Ravens Rik Van Espen at the linebacker position.

Each OVFL team nominates one player at each position for each of its teams. All OVFL  head coaches select a predetermined number of choices from the list of nominations,; however, not selection from their own team at each position.

The following is a complete list of 2013 OVFL Varsity All-Stars:


Varsity Wettges Varsity Adams
1 #1 Nick Gorgichuk Myers Riders VR 1 #9 James Roberts Cambridge Lions VR
2 #15 Jeremy Pike Cornwall Wildcats VR 2 #5 Nate Hobbs Mississauga Warriors VR
1 #23 Ryan Dixon Oshawa Hawkeyes VR 1 #35 Elijah Fera Essex Ravens VR
2 #20 Serge Pilon Cornwall Wildcats VR 2 #33 Tyler Woods Cambridge Lions VR
3 #23 Nicholas Morassut Markham Raiders VR 3 #34 Neko Hamilton Etobicoke Eagles VR
4 #20 Cole Sopik Newmarket Bucs VR 4 #1 Tyranne Miller Brampton Bulldogs VR
1 #22 Alex Pilon Cornwall Wildcats VR 1 #80 Simon Beeksma Cambridge Lions VR
2 #77 Jaegar Prot Myers Riders VR 2 #18 Matteo Del Brocco Essex Ravens VR
3 #7 Trivel Pinto Metro Toronto Wildcats VR 3 #1 D’Saun Greenaway Mississauga Warriors VR
4 #5 Marcus Arkarakas Markham Raiders VR 4 #10 Nathaniel Pinto Etobicoke Eagles VR
1 #59 Josef Pisani Myers Riders VR 1 #66 David Brown London Mustangs VR
2 #75 Nolan Terrance Cornwall Wildcats VR 2 #62 Andrew Pickett Cambridge Lions VR
3 #65 Joseph Vitaro Newmarket Bucs VR 3 #69 Jacob Benson Essex Ravens VR
4 #57 Daniel Lopez Metro Toronto Wildcats VR 4 #62 Chad Harwood Mississauga Warriors VR
5 #60 Anthony Dinardo Markham Raiders VR 5 #62 Eric Denis Niagara Spears VR
1 #32 Owen Stevens Cornwall Wildcats VR 1 #93 Ryan Correia Mississauga Warriors VR
2 #92 Daniel Omara Cumberland Panthers VR 2 #94 Hassan Barry Cambridge Lions VR
3 #90 Kyle Wilson Newmarket Bucs VR 3 #90 Garrett Heming London Mustangs VR
4 #93 Michael Corbeil Toronto Thunder VR 4 #99 Nick Simone Essex Ravens VR
1 #36 Austin MacKay Cornwall Wildcats VR 1 #9 Rik Van Espen Essex Ravens VR
2 #55 Aaron Brownlee Kingston Grenadiers VR 2 #44 Ray Duplin Sault Sabercats VR
3 #51 Rowan Turner Toronto Thunder VR 3 #5 Odinaka Onyeka Brampton Bulldogs VR
4 #6 Trevelle Wisdom Metro Toronto Wildcats VR 4 #55 Jevon Wisdom Mississauga Warriors VR
1 #22 Matt Pendergast Kingston Grenadiers VR 1 #1 Shaq Munroe Etobicoke Eagles VR
2 #4 Quaid Johnson Cornwall Wildcats VR 2 #8 James McCallum Mississauga Warriors VR
3 #20 Antoine Lyte-Myers Toronto Thunder VR 3 #7 Akeem Johnson Brampton Bulldogs VR
4 #32 Spencer de Jonge Cumberland Panthers VR 4 #20 Mackenzie Ferguson London Mustangs VR
1 #12 Nicola Pilon Cornwall Wildcats VR 1 #6 Keiran Burnham Cambridge Lions VR
Special Teams Special Teams
1 #20 Serge Pilon Cornwall Wildcats VR 1 #1 Isaiah Mels London Mustangs VR
Coaches Coaches
1 Kirby Camplin Cornwall Widcats 1 Anthony Maggiacomo Cambridge Lions VR
2 Rick Moore Oshawa Hawkeyes 2 Brian Duguay Niagara Spears VR

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  1. Avatar footballdad says:

    Seriously? A team goes UNDEFEATED and swamps the entire division, yet have only 3 all-stars? I guess Myers simply won through luck? Cmon they may not be a well liked team but they have talented players who work hard. Acknowledge those boys.

  2. Avatar waytoosmart says:

    The Wettges All star selections are the result of a flawed process that should have been fixed by now. 10 Cornwall players? Didn’t realize that they are the powerhouse of the league! NOT!

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