OVFL GAME PREVIEW: JV Warriors, Bulldogs renew rivalry

Junior Varsity Warriors have much to improve upon, as they get ready for their Peel rival Brampton

Week 3 for the Junior Varsity Mississauga Warriors proved to be a trying moment for the team.

After losing to the London Mustangs 43-0, the Warriors’ have spent their time in practice searching for their competitive nature. One of the main focal points for the Warriors this season is not so much the wins and loss record the team will produce, but making sure they remain competitive in games so the team does not lose the confidence and drive needed to show development.

Head Coach Mike Parsons and the rest of the Warriors’ coaching staff have shown some concern with the recent display of commitment from their team.

“They got to come to practice and they have to commit to getting better at practice. That’s the question for this team right now. It’s whether they are committed to getting better.”

With the Warriors taking on 2-0 the Brampton Bulldogs, Parsons was hoping to see the intensity level rise within his team as they prepare for their Peel rivals. However, with key players missing from the initial practice this week, Parsons is interested in seeing how his team will respond to the direction of the coaching staff as one of their more important matchups for the season approaches.

With a 0-2 record heading into Week 4, things will not get any easier for the Warriors as the Bulldogs have proved formidable in the early part of the season. In 2015, the Bulldogs were able to edge out the Warriors 20-14, and the team is coming off big wins against Essex and Hamilton to start 2016. With Brampton relying on their athletes to make their impact, Parsons is preparing his Warriors for a relentless effort from their opponent.

“They are fast and they hit hard. They are going to give us a complete effort all the way through. This team won’t quit, and I expect them to do that.”

With the close relationship both clubs have, it has been well established that the Bulldogs look forward to their tilt with the Warriors this week.

“They are our neighbors and we see a lot of the same kids, players, coaches often. Also, players pick and choose between the two clubs which produces the friendly rivalry we have with Brampton,” says Parsons. “I talk with the Brampton operator all the time and it’s the game between us and Etobicoke they always look out for.”

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