OVFL: Wildcats duo soaking up every second of senior season

This season marks the fourth and final OVFL campaign for two Cornwall Wildcat players. As the season progresses, Alex Douglas and Reeve Nicholson will cherish their last chances to don the Wildcats red and black uniforms.

“Playing varsity football for the Cornwall Wildcats these past three seasons has been a great experience. Since I joined the team we have been quite succesful, and I’ve had a lot of fun being part of a competitive team in a very competitive league.” said Alex.

For Reeve winning games with the Wildcats is a different experience because of how undermanned they are compared to some other OVFL teams.

“Spending time with the team has led to me making so many new friends who I see as brothers. I know that I’ll always have a football family there to support me through anything,” said Reeve.

Over their career with the Wildcats, both Reeve and Alex said they have grown as much off the field as their skills have improved on the field.

Reeve Nicholson

“Football has motivated me to stay healthy and definitely to get bigger to be more competitive. This has helped my confidence greatly,” said Reeve.

When they hang up their cleats at the end of this season, Alex will be leaving behind a family that he grew to be a part of over the last four seasons.

“What I’ll miss most about the Wildcats is the brotherhood that is made in such a short period of time over the winter then building it throughout the season. I will miss the players and coaches that have become my friends,” said Alex.

Reeve echoed his teammates statement about what he will miss most when the season draws to a close.

“I’ll miss the people the most. The support the coaches give us is incredible both on and off the field. As a fourth year player, I can say I am quite attached to these coaches because of my time with them,” said Reeve. “Also the players, blocking for some of your best buddies and gang tackling with guys I’ve spent so much time with is a surreal experience.

Wildcats Head Coach, Kirby Camplin, will be sorry to see Alex and Reeve leave the team next season.

“They are two special¬†young men and excellent football players. Watching them grow up as individuals and as football players has been a privilege,” said Camplin. “They’ve shown a level of commitment to themselves and the team over the years. They will be successful in life because of the lessons learned playing our sport.”

This years OVFL campaign is far from over, and Alex and Reeve will be soaking up the experience at every chance they get, hoping to add to the plethora of fond memories both already have from their time as Wildcats.

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