Playoff perfection

OFC: Hurricanes roll over Bears in OFC playoff

Just as they ended the regular season, the Hamilton Hurricanes began their playoff run; dominant. The Hurricanes scored on the first drive of the game and were relentless from whistle to whistle as they cruised to a 61-7 victory over the Guelph Bears at St. Thomas More field.

Head coach Rob Underhill was impressed with his team’s performance but was still able to find places in which his team needs to improve in the coming weeks.

“Athletically we are really good and the kids are pretty tuned in and well coached,” he said following the win. “It’s still the fundamental stuff, tackling, getting the right spots, depth and drops, that the stuff that we have work on the most.”

Holding a 33-0 lead inside the final minute of the half, the Hurricanes had a blocked kick the quickly led to a touchdown for the Bears to make it 33-7 at the half.

“We understand that Guelph is a tough team and we were just concerned they might claw there way back in it,” said Underhill. “That was my message at half time, saying how quick they can put points up. The message was clear that we need to score quick in the second half and we have to keep rolling.”

The game was the subject of numerous penalties from both teams on both sides of the ball. The second half in particular saw multiple unnecessary roughness calls.

I think we have to really narrow down the penalties,” Underhill stated of his team. “We look at moving in to the future, the next two games if were fortunate enough to get there. It could be the game changer.”

With the first round of the playoffs now behind them the Hurricanes will play the Burlington Stampeders, who beat the Twin City Predators over the weekend. The second round playoff match up will take place again at St. Thomas More High on Friday, August 2nd.

“We will have time to go over our own tape, see what corrections we need to make, what adjustments we need to make. Once we find out what the teams going to be then we will be able to prep.”

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