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Murphy part of proud Maritime contingent suiting up for Rage

One of the most important aspects in female football is the sense of friendship and family that exists within teammates. Murphy’s time with the Halifax Xplosion was certainly no different. Although a new chapter in her life has brought her across the country, from Canada’s Atlantic Coast to its Prairie Region, Murphy still holds fond memories of suiting up with the Xplosion.

Having played valiantly over the course of three seasons for the Halifax Xplosion, Lyndsay Murphy (who went by Corbin for a few seasons) grew from a fresh-faced rookie into a leader. Along the way, Murphy made an empowering impact as she contributed to an exciting chapter of female sport in Nova Scotia.

While the Calgary Rage represents an opportunity to extend Murphy’s football career, the last three seasons of Xplosion football in the Maritime Women’s Football League (MWFL) were life-changing, transforming her into a more assertive and confident individual. In discussing what she misses most about her former club, the teammates definitely hold a special place for her, defining the experience of gracing the gridiron in those formative years,

“I would have to say I miss my girls they were a huge part of my life for the last three years. They were my family.”

Among four former MWFL players with the Rage, the chance to be surrounded by such familiar faces provides residual warmth, resulting in a much more pleasant transition into the realm of WWCFL football. Joined by Ferne Lavers, Jaclyn Brewer (who also played for Team Canada at the 2010 IFAF Women’s Worlds) and former Xplosion teammate Holly Arthur, Atlantic pride is very prevalent on the 2015 edition of the Calgary Rage.

Close friends in their time with the Xplosion, Arthur and Murphy have proven to be key additions for the Rage. Benefitting from their experiences in the MWFL, they have both fit in ideally with a Rage team that was rebounding from a difficult rebuilding year in 2014.

I actually live in Sylvan Lake which is a big reason I did not play in the start of the season, Holly begged me a couple of times to come play. Yet, I did not think I could make the commitment until Holly took me to the Stamps fan day to meet up with some of the girls, I think it was her plan all along that if I got to know the girls I would not be able to say no anymore. So once again, it is because of Holly I am back on the field (smiles).”

Murphy began her career with the Rage in winning fashion, as the club emerged victorious against their archrivals, the Edmonton Storm. Although she missed their season opener, Murphy is on-board for the remainder of the season, looking to contribute towards a first place finish. Bringing high energy and motivation to the Rage, Murphy reflects on her practice, which also served as her initial exposure to the club. Akin to the sense of family that existed within the Xplosion, the Rage created a sincere and welcoming environment that only adds to Murphy’s love of the game, resulting in a winning combination,

I have only had one practice and one game with the Rage girls. Yet, the second I showed up to practice it was more than I expected.

They were so welcoming it was like I had been part of the team all year I am definitely looking forward to playing with them next year (full-time). They are a great bunch of girls.”

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