Winning rookie of the year a big moment for FS Balan

Photo courtesy of Austin Balan

Austin Balan suited up for the Sisler Spartans for seven games in 2016. In these seven games, Austin tallied 51 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 sacks and 1 safety.

“Being at safety means I can come down and stop the run, but I’m also able to drop back to defend the pass,” said Austin. “I like being able to see the play develop around me and make plays from that.”

Austin feels like his speed, strength and overall knowledge gives him an edge against his opponents.

Sisler’s standout has modeled his game after Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals and Karl Koseph of the Oakland Raiders because they are both undersized players, but they are such great playmakers and big hitters on the defensive side of the ball that size isn’t an issue while they play.

Once he’s finished at Sisler, Austin’s future plans are to go to a college, and getting either a Kinesiology degree and/or a teaching degree. Austin would like to continue playing football at the university level, either U Sports or the NCAA.

At this time Austin hasn’t had much recruiting, but he has sent his highlight tape from his sophomore year to a few schools.

Austin’s top three choices of schools are: University of Manitoba, UBC, and University of North Dakota. Austin picked these three because they all have top programs in their conferences, Austin added,They have great facilities and they are close to home (except UBC but I have a lot of family out there).”

Photo courtesy of Austin Balan

When Austin reaches the next level of football he thinks he’ll be able to adjust well because he is very coachable, he loves to train and get better, and he has experience on numerous teams which he believes will be an asset.

Austin’s personal expectations at the next level would be to earn a starting spot on the roster, and to do his best at everything he does.

This season Austin plans to continue to work on his speed, strength, smarts, and gain more experience every game.

The most influential person in Austin’s life has been his mom, Austin mentioned, “She’s taught me a lot and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.”

“Football means a lot to me,” replied Austin. ”It has kept me out of trouble and I’ve met great people through playing football.” Football also gives Austin the opportunity to get away from some of the stress and negativity of his everyday life.

Austin’s most memorable experience playing football so far has been winning rookie of the year in the ‘AAA’ division of the WHSFL as a sophomore.

Along with playing for the Spartans, Austin has spent 3 consecutive years of provincial football (u16 2015-2016, u18 2017). Austin made the All-Star list in the Top Gun 7v7 tournament in Chicago this year as well.

We asked Austin what he’s learned from his time on the football field, he responded,I’ve learnt that if you want something in life you can’t wait for it, you have to go get it.”


Austin Balan (#9)
Free safety
5’10, 180 lbs

Teams: North Winnipeg Nomads (MMFA), Sisler Spartans (WHSFL), Manitoba U16, Manitoba U18. Recruit Ready 7v7 traveling team
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: University of Manitoba, UBC, and University of North Dakota, open
Class: 2019

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