WOLFE: Citadel Phoenix – Canada’s most consistent winner??

It has been a real treat for me to speak with coaches representing Canadian high schools who have demonstrated excellence. I have already written descriptions of two powerhouse programs;

I have attempted to discover, from a coach’s perspective, the elements within their respective programs, that helped their teams become perennial winners, and to provide in their words, aspects of their program they are proudest of.

The Quebec and the New Brunswick winners, had very different philosophies. La Seminaire, have four teams with approximately 170 players involved in a Sport Etude program, while at Tantramar, their strength is in having only one team, with all of the players playing within the same system and with the same coaches over their entire careers. Both programs have excellent coaches who encourage and insist that their athletes are well prepared, physically and mentally, to play at a high level.

This report describes the incredible run of successive winning seasons put together by the Citadel Phoenix of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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