WOLFE: From football hobby to football career

Coach Sonny Wolfe

Reynalto Merisier might not be a household name in the rest of Canada. He is, however, well known within the Quebec football community. I think you will find his story is both exciting and refreshing.

Reynalto was an excellent and highly recruited Cegep defensive back. He ultimately decided to attend McGill University. He chose McGill because of the excellence of its electrical engineering program. The fact that he might start as a 1st-year player was an additional incentive.

Much like many athletes, he enjoyed and ultimately became very adept at creating highlight tapes. His desire at the time was to use the tapes to help him obtain a CFL opportunity. His dreams of playing pro football never came to fruition. He did, however, become very skilled at creating excellent highlight films.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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